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The distribution of our high-quality Gartenmetall® products is usually carried out by local gardening and landscaping companies in your area. They will provide advice and ensure that our products are professionally installed at your site. If you, as the end customer, do not have an installing company in the vicinity, please feel free to contact us.

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Distribution in Germany

In Germany, Gartenmetall® products are distributed by us as the manufacturer either through local gardening and landscaping companies or – if you do not have a GaLaBau company nearby – directly through us.

Assembly and service support
Especially for the areas Germany-North and Germany-West we are looking for local contact persons with possibility for storage and exhibition area for support in assembly, training and sales for the GaLaBau sales partners. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to: vertriebspartner@gartenmetall.de

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Distribution in Austria

In Austria, as in Germany, Gartenmetall® products are distributed via local gardening and landscaping companies. If you cannot find a company that distributes our products, please contact our consultant for Austria and South Tyrol:

Office and exhibition

AT-8222 St. Johann b. Herberstein 158
(for NAVI 103)


Mr. Siegfried Wimmer
St. Johann b. Herberstein 158
AT- 8222 St. Johann b. Herberstein

Phone. +43 (0) 664 / 73 53 47 04

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Distribution in Switzerland

In Switzerland, sales are handled either by our preferred partner Atlas Natursteine AG in CH-8460 Marthalen (with exhibition) or by Gartenmetall® in D-Nürtingen. The goods are shipped on a commission basis directly from Nürtingen or via Marthalen.

Logo ATLAS Natural Stones

Atlas Natural Stones Ltd

Alti Ruedelfingerstrass 19
CH-8460 Marthalen (near Schaffhausen)
Phone. +41 (0) 52 / 670 14 67

Logo garden metal

Thumm Technology GmbH

In the Au 14
D-72622 Nürtingen
Phone. +49 7022 9276-0

Garden Metal Switzerland:
(no exhibition, no collection)
Stemmerstrasse 54
CH-8238 Büsingen,
Phone. +41 5255 11620


Distribution International

The distribution of Gartenmetall® products such as metal garden objects and street furniture in the EU countries is carried out via local support dealers or – if you do not have a local support dealer – directly via us.

Become a sales partner of Gartenmetall®
Do you run a gardening and landscaping business with the requirement to professionally process high-quality products? Then become a sales partner of Gartenmetall®! Especially for countries bordering Germany, we are looking for distributors related to gardening and landscaping as new sales partners and as local contact persons for the reselling gardening and landscaping companies. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to: vertriebspartner@gartenmetall.de

Distributor logo_garden_metal_free

As a sales partner, you receive the following benefits:

    • Use Gartenmetall’s professional images for your homepage or sales brochures.
    • We will provide you with contact details of builders who are interested in Gartenmetall® products.
    • Free participation in our seminars.
    • 100 pieces of free sales brochures from Gartenmetall per year.
    • Advertise on your homepage or on your correspondence with the Gartenmetall® sales partner logo. By linking to the Gartenmetall® homepage, the rating with the important search engines increases.
    • You will receive a distributor certificate.

Of course, the distribution partnership is completely free of charge. How do you become a distributor? Apply informally by email to the Gartenmetall® team at vertriebspartner@gartenmetall.de

Image use and image rights

We regularly receive inquiries from our GaLaBau partner companies as to whether our images can also be used for their own marketing purposes and/or for their own homepage. This is basically possible and also desired, but only after written approval on our part! The images of Gartenmetall® come from various sources, but are in all cases protected by copyright. You can find our image providers here. Send us your image requests. We will then check whether we have the license rights to distribute the respective images. If so, we will release the images to you in writing. There are no costs for you.

For your safety and ours, do not use images without written permission from the rights holders and follow the guidelines associated with the permission to use. In most cases, the photographer’s name is required, and in the case of images from image databases, an additional, often small license fee and a reference to the source are also required.

Fountain system AQUA LINEA, image source Gartenmetall®.
Our small exhibition is freely accessible during opening hours. Here you can get an impression of our products.

Sales to private customers

Welcome to the specialist of corten steel products for the garden! We will gladly send you addresses of our local partner companies, which advise, deliver and install our products. To do so, send an e-mail with your product request, address and telephone number for queries to info@gartenmetall.de.

We also deliver directly to builders. However, we cannot provide on-site service and installation without our partners. Due to our sales structure, we are also not prepared for traditional personal consulting. However, if you would like to visit us and get to know us, please make an appointment by phone. Our small exhibition area, on the other hand, is freely accessible during opening hours and you are welcome to drop by our premises in Nürtingen.