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for metal objects and seat covers

Things to know about the different

Metal types and seat covers

For more than ten years Gartenmetall® has been successfully developing, planning, designing and manufacturing a huge range of innovative and creative metal objects for the garden and street furniture sector. The basis for the production is the many years of experience in industrial sheet metal processing as well as a state-of-the-art machine park with several laser cutting machines from the market leader TRUMPF, round bending machines, press brakes and test stations. Almost all production steps take place at the company headquarters in Nürtingen, therefore we guarantee highest precision for our metal objects and can also manufacture special orders for our customers.
The materials used differ fundamentally in appearance, properties and care. What they have in common, however, is that they are all designed to be durable, and the material thickness and construction are such that the objects are not unnecessarily heavy, but are permanently stable. In addition, for presentation and coordination with the builders, we offer a sample folder in which all metal surfaces are summarized in sample size.

Information about the different types of metal and seat covers

Cover picture User Information Metal
User info metal
Cover image User information Seat pads
User info seat pads
Garden metal sample folder with different materials
Sample folder for illustration

Material metal

a versatile material

Why are metal objects made of corten steel in particular so popular? Due to its special alloy, corten steel forms its characteristic rust-red surface after only a short period of weathering. It can take between 1.5 and 3 years until the final surface. This weathered rust look is particularly effective for flat objects such as fountain troughs, planters, water bowls and privacy screens. In addition, corten steel objects with their constantly changing surface harmoniously fit into a natural environment with plants, soil and stones.

Example metal surface: Corten steel
Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel

Low maintenance

Another plus: metal objects for the garden or the city made of the typical rust-colored steel require little maintenance and are durable and insensitive under normal conditions. However, it is important that the objects are placed so that waterlogging does not form, for example, in a bed of grit or gravel. Objects that regularly come into contact with water, e.g. water bowls, should be allowed to dry regularly – preferably overnight. Only then can the barrier layer that protects against rusting through form again. Only in the case of acid from bird droppings or dog urine, chloride exposure from road salt or in a sea climate and in environments containing sulfuric acid (acid rain) do you have to keep an eye on the objects and clean them regularly if necessary.
If you want to be absolutely sure that nothing happens to your high-quality metal garden objects, you can also seal them with ROST-PROTECT® rust protection. The colorless natural oil penetrates into the deepest pores and stabilizes the existing surface. Further information on ROST-PROTECT® can be found here: ROST-PROTECT®. More about corten steel can be found here: >>> CORTENSTAHL

STAINLESS STEEL - noble material for high-quality optics

Gartenmetall® uses the particularly high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel with the material number 1.4404 (V4A) for its metal objects for the garden. This has a high resistance to chlorides, acids and sulfur dioxide. Nevertheless, deposits should be removed regularly, as they could impair corrosion resistance. For this purpose we have the following products in our range: STAINLESS STEEL CARE and STAINLESS STEEL LOTION.
As surface types, „Rotex-ground“ surfaces have proved particularly suitable for garden objects. The non-directional cut refracts sunlight evenly and fingerprints are barely visible. However, the most important advantage is: scratches that occur during use or assembly can be removed without complications.
You can find more information about stainless steel here: >>> STAINLESS STEEL

Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless steel with Rotex grinding

STAINLESS STEEL COLOR COATED - color for the garden and in the city

Colorful garden objects and metal street furniture can be used to create special accents in gardens, parks and squares. As a base material for our color-coated metal objects such as privacy screens, water features and plant troughs, we use V2A stainless steel and coat the surface with high-quality textured paints. These are very insensitive to Oberflächen unevenness and dirt. For the color scheme, customers can choose their favorite color from the RAL or DB color scale. If a scratch should ever occur, then the damaged area on painted surfaces can be quickly and easily painted over. An „emergency vial“ is included in the delivery as standard. For more information on color-coated surfaces, click here:

Example metal surface: color coated
Color coated stainless steel

Durability guaranteed

Hot-dip galvanizing is a cost-effective way to achieve a durable but purely technical surface. At the beginning, this is brightly shiny. Over time, as a result of corrosion, it develops a patina and the appearance becomes darker and duller. Important to know: The main purpose of hot-dip galvanizing is corrosion, i.e. rust protection. If objects are to meet high aesthetic requirements, then we do not recommend hot-dip galvanized surfaces.
You can find more information to steel hot-dip galvanized here:

Example metal surface: steel, hot-dip galvanized
Hot dip galvanized steel
Seat cover hardwood as a support for benches and chests
Hardwood for seat cushions

Material seat covers

Natural material with quality seal

Hardwood is ideal for seat pads – due to its stability, machining properties, availability, natural look and, above all, insulating effect. We use only high quality 100% hardwood from certified suppliers from controlled forest management. You can learn more about wood properties and surface treatment here: >>> HARDWOOD

METAL PLASTIC COATED - robust coverings for benches and chests

If you are looking for a particularly timeless and durable material for your seat covers, you will find it here: The base made of metal is thickly coated with a special plastic that comes from the automotive industry. The plastic cover is elastic, UV-stable, tear-resistant and thus particularly suitable for public spaces. For more information, click here:

Seat cover metal plastic coated as a support for benches and chests
Metal with plastic cover for seat pads

THERMOESCHE - heat-treated wood with dark coloring

Thermowood is the term used when wood has been heat treated under special conditions. The woods, in our case ash, are first dried to 0% wood moisture and then heated to over 160°C for 24 to 48 hours in the absence of oxygen. This ensures that the wood becomes more resistant to decay and, in addition to the initial chocolate brown color, produces numerous other good qualities. You can find out which ones here:

Seat cover thermo ash as a support for benches and chests
Thermo ash for seat cushions

RESYSTA® - ecological natural fiber compound

Seat covers for garden furniture made of the natural fiber compound RESYSTA® resemble the look and feel of natural tropical wood. However, they are superior to their grown counterparts, even those of tropical origin, in almost every respect, for example, in terms of graying and weathering resistance – and thus durability. And: they are even cheaper than hardwood! For more information on the product, which consists of around 60% rice husks, click here: >>> RESYSTA®

RESYSTA seat cover as a support for benches and chests
RESYSTA® for seat cushions

high quality real wood

KEBONY® is a certified pine (Pinus sylvestris) wood that achieves similar properties to tropical hardwoods through an environmentally friendly and patented treatment with bio-alcohol. It is ecologically safe and very easy to clean. Learn more about the novel wood: >>> KEBONY®

KEBONY seat support for benches and chests
KEBBONY® for seat cushions
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