TERRESTA - Planters


Solid Planters and High Beds

Planters and high beds are popular elements of every professional garden design. In order to realize these ideas creatively and with many variants, planters of nearly all sizes have to be available. That is the idea behind our modular system TERRESTA.
The design is especially solid. Only for big planters between 3,0 m (≈ 118,11 in) und 18,0 m (≈ 708.66 in) there is a extra bolted system from inside, which is not visible from the outside.

Custom dimensions or planters in other forms like round or drop-shaped are available on request.


All high beds and planters are delivered as prefabricated and pre-oxidized as possible. The system has the following properties:

  • Flexible in height, width and length, from 250 mm (≈ 9.84 in) to more than 18,0 m (≈ 708.66 in)
  • Fast and easy installation: Planters are prefabricated ex factory. Hardly any bolted connections!
  • Solid and high-grade processing and results, all edges welded, MADE IN GERMANY
  • Delivery ex stock as well as custom work directly from the manufacturer
  • Elaborated system based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of landscape planning
  • Miscellaneous Accessories


Planters up to more than 3,0 m (≈ 118.11 in) long and more than 2,0 m(≈ 78.74 in) wide are delivered in one piece. Bigger planters are easily but solidly bolted together on site – using a copyrighted Gartenmetall® bolting system. These bolts cannot be seen from outside. Because the sharp edges at the top are removed the single elements have a very high stability in spite of the relatively thin sheet thickness. If this stability is not enough for high or very long planters, then cross pieces and longitudinal braces are integrated, which cannot be seen afterwards because of the filling.

The installation effort on site is minimal. Because of the integrated installation brackets the elements are perfectly adjusted. This patent was developed by Gartenmetall® and has become a new standard on the market.

terresta Größere Pflanzgefäße

Bigger planters (like this one here with a length of 6,0 m (≈ 236,22 in)) are combined by a proven and copyrighted Gartenmetall®-connector system, that is bolt together on site.

Spezial-Gartenmetall®-Schraubverbindung von Pflanzgefäßen

Detailed Example: Very solid and Gartenmetall®-copyrighted bolted connection for planters longer than 3,0 m (≈ 118,11 in) or for an installation around an already existing tree arrangement.

Square-shaped Planters

Quadratisches Pflanzgefäß, Einzeltrog

Single Planter

Quadratisches Pflanzgefäß, zusammengestzt aus 4 Elementen

Planters, arranged as a square

Kombination von quadratischen Pflanzgefäßen

Planters, arranged in line

Rectangular Planters

Rechteckiges Pflanzgefäß, Einzeltrog

Single Planter

Rechteckiges Pflanzgefäß, Einzeltrog, mit LED-Beleuchtung

Single planter with LED light

Combined Planters

Klassisches Hochbeet in L-Form

Classical High Bed in L-Form

Eckkombination von Pflanzgefäßen

Corner Combination


The number of accessories for this planter system has grown over the last years and has come to fulfill practically all of our customers’ wishes. If there still is something you cannot find, let us know.
By default we offer the following accessories:

  • Base plate
  • Eyelets for transportation by crane and / or for fixing the wooden pieces
  • Water storage mat as watering aid
  • Plastic inset for hydroponics
  • LED-lighting rails
  • Easy-going rolls for smaller planters when used on a terrace

Set of Castors for Planters
Set of castors, bolted to the trough or planter from below. Distance between planter and ground about 35 mm (≈ 1.38 in). Working load per castor 100kg. Therefore the maximum size for planters with castors is about 800 x 800 x 800 mm³ (≈ 31.50 x 31.50 x 31.50 in³).

Note: The use of castors is not possible with cone-shaped planters! It is too instable!

Rollensatz für Pflanzkübel
Detailbeispiel: Beleuchtung in Pflanzgefäß integriert

Detailed Example: Planter with Integrated Illumination

Detailbeispiel: Abkantung und Wurzeldämmschutzplatte mit Alubeschichtung

Detailed Example: Sharp edges removed and insulation board with aluminum alloy in order to treat roots with care

Maintenance Care

Using stainless steel outdoors: For the planters we only use high-grade stainless steel 1.4404 (V4A). To prevent the stainless steel from oxidizing at some point, however, the steel has to be cared for. Suitable maintenance products are our StainlessSteel-Care or in case of stubborn stains our StainlessSteel-Lotion.

Comparison with other GARTENMETALL® systems

Gartenmetall® offers different systems, that can also be used as retaining wall or as high bed. Here is a comparison:

Pflanzgefäße TERRESTA als Hochbeet oder Stützwand

1) Pflanzgefäße TERRESTA as raised bed or retaining wallProperties / Application:

  • Not designed for absorbing forces that have to do with earth pressure
  • Designed for planters. With longer planters the stability is achieved by braces and cross pieces with the opposite wall
  • Maximum 2.000 mm (≈ 78.74 in) wide
  • Optimal height between 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) and 900 mm (≈ 35.43 in)


  • cost-effective construction with flexible modular system
  • easy installation
  • installation of retaining walls without heavy equipment


  • Needs a wall vis-à-vis
Erdstützwand TERRA PALA

1) Retaining Wall TERRA PALA as high bed or retaining wallProperties/Application Areas:

  • Solid design, so that comparably strong forces can be absorbed
  • relatively elaborate construction with high cost of material
  • Optimum height from 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) to 500 mm (≈ 19.69 in), maximum 90 cm (≈ 35.43 in)


  • Self-supporting construction for big high beds or long retaining walls
  • Construction of self-supporting retaining walls without auxiliary construction
  • Installation of retaining walls without heavy equipment


  • High cost of material, therefore comparatively high processing costs
Mauerverblendung MAURESTA

3) Steel blinding MAURESTA with L-stones as high bedProperties/Application Areas:

  • Well-known system and high stability due to the use of standard components (L-stones)
  • Combination of L-stones and additional covering for a better look
  • Optimal height between 500 mm (≈ 19.69 in) and more than 1.800 mm (≈ 70.87 in)


  • Can be dimensioned according to all occuring forces caused by earth pressure because of its solid static foundation
  • Easy dimensioning and installation due to the use of L-angles
  • Standard product – not custom made


  • Not sensible with smaller planters
Wegbegrenzungsbänder EASY-LINER

4) Steel edging bands EASY-LINER as high bedProperties/Application Areas:

  • Designed for big lengths and areas
  • maximal 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) high


  • Easy and flexible construction and installation
  • Nearly all forms and many different radii can be realized
  • Useful if under 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) high


  • Only possible if under 300 mm (≈ 11.81 in) high

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available