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Retaining Walls Made from Corten Steel

Retaining walls and drywalls made from metal give your garden design an important structure and can balance out differences in altitude up to 1 m (≈ 3.28 ft). Thereby the retaining walls have to absorb forces caused by nearby slopes. Depending on construction, geotechnics, strain and installation situation a height of the wall up to 1 m is economically possible. For higher retaining walls we recommend the use of wall disks, that are covered with corten steel or stainless steel (MAURESTA).

Beispiel Aufbau Erdstützwand TERRA PALA

Example of the structure of a retaining wall TERRA PALA

Overview: VariantsThe retaining wall is so firm, that the construction can absorb forces of nearby inclinations and slopes. Depending on the installation situation the right material strength has to be chosen, between 3 mm (≈ 0.12 in) and 12 mm (≈ 0.47 in). Basically the constructions can be divided into 3 types:

Technical Details TERRA PALA Retaining Walls

Technik TERRA PALA Erdstützwände

Construction of different types of retaining walls. Examples:

Tip to avoid waterlogging with corten steel

For a permanent stability waterlogging behind the retaining wall has to be reduced or avoided.

  • Fixture of a suitable waterproof foil and mat of fibers on the back of the retaining wall
  • Installation of enough capillary breaking filling (e.g. morainal gravel 8/16) in combination with
    • the fixture of a suitable drainage pipe, which is coupled with the sewage pipe
    • a treatment with a suitable anticorrosive agent according to DIN EN ISO 12944

Alternative Systems

Tip: If your wall is going to be higher than 60 cm (≈ 23.62 in), think again. Maybe the cost-value ratio is better by using L-angle-stones and wall disks instead of a solid retaining wall. The installed concrete elements (L-stones, angle stones, wall disks etc.) are afterwards covered with corten steel or stainless steel (MAURESTA system), a practice that also gives the impression of a solid wall. Apart from the cost advantage the concrete elements are usually deliverable ex stock, which simplifies the logistics on site.

  • TERRA PALA: solid retaining wall
  • TERRESTA: planter system
  • MAURESTA: steel blinding using e.g. L-stones or wall disks in the context of a refurbished wall
  • EASY-LINER: steel edging bands

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