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earth retaining walls

Retaining walls made from corten steel

In many gardens, builders are faced with the challenge of absorbing different heights in the terrain or at the terrace in a visually appealing way. This can be achieved by modelling the ground alone but often walls are also needed to bridge terrain jumps. Compared to solid concrete or stone walls, earth retaining walls made of metal give the garden a modern character. They require considerably less installation space and can be easily screwed in place and anchored in the ground. Due to the lower weight, heavy equipment can be avoided in many cases during installation. This saves money and prevents unnecessary soil compaction in the rest of the garden.

We present a particularly stable solution with our TERRA PALA earth retaining wall system. The high-quality metal elements made of Corten steel, stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel are designed in such a way that they can compensate for height differences of up to 100 cm and absorb the slope forces in the process.

Basically, we differentiate between the following types:

    • Type L-shape “CLASSIC”: with sharp end edge and high material thickness
    • Type C-shape “MASSIVE”: round edge and lower material thickness
    • Type C-shape “LIGHT”: especially for the roof garden with lower net weight
    • Type I-shape: simple, low-priced, but more installation effort
Example of construction Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA L-shape, corner
Structure of TERRA PALA earth retaining wall, corner element

Depending on the construction, soil structure, load and installation situation, we recommend the use of wall discs or L-bricks for higher earth retaining walls over 60 cm, which are then clad with Corten steel or stainless steel. We offer the wall facing under the name MAURESTA.

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Technical details TERRA PALA retaining walls

The earth retaining walls must already be planned during the garden design. For fastening, they are securely fixed in the anti-freeze gravel by means of flat anchors or in the concrete foundation by means of dowels. To prevent waterlogging behind the wall, we advise installing a bubble wrap or fleece on the back. A drainage pipe that provides good drainage is also helpful. Finally, capillary-breaking fill material such as moraine gravel should be backfilled before the earth retaining wall is backfilled with soil.

Technical construction TERRA PALA earth retaining walls

Overview of earth retaining wall types – different structures

The earth retaining wall is designed to be so stable that the structure can absorb the adjacent slope and embankment forces. Depending on the installation situation, material thicknesses of 3 mm to over 12 mm are necessary. Basically the constructions can be divided into the following types. Matching corners and rounding elements are also available for all types.

Earth retaining wall type L-Form "CLASSIC"

with sharp end edge and high material thickness

TERRA PALA L-shape, straight
Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA type L-shape

Earth retaining wall type C-Form "SOLID"

round edge and lower material thickness compared to the classic L-shape

TERRA PALA C-shape, straight
Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA Type C-shape

Earth retaining wall type C-Form "LIGHT"

especially for the roof garden with lower net weight The basic construction is made with lightweight 3 mm aluminium. After the installation is completed, the construction is laminated with seamless pluggable cladding sheets to create a visually solid wall. The screws are not visible from the front. Important: This type has no support function, so it is not suitable for off-road use and only for light substrates.

TERRA PALA C-shape, Light
Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA Type L-shape Light

Earth retaining wall type I-shape

simple, low-priced, but more assembly effort. Either as a simple plate made of steel or with fastening lug for screwing onto the end edges of existing walls, L-bricks or wall discs.

TERRA PALA I-shape, straight
Earth retaining wall TERRA PALA Type I-shape

Stability and verification


The following applies to all objects: The installing company must guarantee the stability and if required also prove it. A verifiable structural analysis must be created for each individual case and generates corresponding expense. When preparing your offer, make sure that you always quote in such a way that if a verifiable structural analysis is required, the costs for this can also be invoiced separately.

Alternative systems

The use of L-angles and wall discs is often a cost-effective alternative to solid earth retaining walls from heights of 60 cm. The assembled concrete elements (L-bricks, angle bricks, wall discs, etc.) are then finally faced with the MAURESTA wall facing system at low cost using Corten steel or stainless steel sheets so that the impression of a solid metal wall is created. In addition to the cost advantage, the concrete elements are usually available from stock and simplify the logistics on the construction site considerably.

When intercepting different heights, we offer four different systems. Depending on the situation, one of the systems is the best way to reach the best result. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • TERRA PALA: Solid metal earth retaining wall

    • MAURESTA: Wall facing made of metal, e.g. of L-bricks or wall discs within the scope of a wall renovation
    • TERRESTA: Planter system to bridge different heights
    • EASY-LINER: Steel edging bands

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SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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