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Steps and staircase Systems

Steps and staircase Systems

In the garden as well as in parks and public spaces it is always necessary to elegantly intercept different heights. In open areas this is achieved by means of earth modeling, earth retaining walls or (natural stone) walls. But if the open space or garden should be more usable, steps or complete staircase systems can be used.

We have various single steps in the range which you can use to compensate for small differences in height. In our SCALA range you will also find complete staircases which are either self-supporting or built into the ground. The steps can be either completely made of metal or depending on the model is also possible to fill with natural stone or gravel.

You can find all the information for your planning on the following page. More ideas from the category SOIL you can find here.

Overview SCALA stair systems

We offer the following SCALA elements:

    • Single steps
    • Platform staircase as construction kit
    • Complete staircase CALVI
    • Stringer staircase WANGA
    • Self‐supporting solid staircase CORTE

Single steps structure

The single steps from Gartenmetall® are available in C, L or I form. This allows you to build stairs easily and cheaply. They are set like block steps and mounted either with flat iron anchors or with point foundations. Typical step widths are 98 cm, 120 cm or 148 cm. The standard height is 18 cm, and the depth is 25 cm. Further information can be found in our product info.

SCALA Single step C-shaped
SCALA Single step C-shape
SCALA single step L-shaped
SCALA single step L-shape
SCALA single step I-shaped
SCALA single step I-shape

Platform staircase (construction kit)

The installation of stairs can be simplified and accelerated if prefabricated kits are used. We construct these according to your specifications with corners, curves and prepared screw-on plates. The steps are stably connected with cross braces and are filled with rolled gravel, stones, etc. during installation and then covered with the pavement. Delivery is made – wherever possible – in one piece or with a few assemblies that are bolted together on site. Further information can be found in our product info.

Platform stairs kit SCALA

Complete unfinished staircase CALVI

The complete unfinished staircase CALVI allows a particularly fast assembly and because of the stable construction almost nothing can go wrong. The staircase is made of two side frames with a height of 300 mm and welded adjusting steps with a standard of 6 or 12 steps. The step covering (on site) is freely selectable: Natural stone panels and tiles, paving stones, gravel or exposed concrete. Make sure that the material you choose is slip resistant! Further information can be found in our product info.

SCALA complete staircase CALVI

The CALVI staircase is delivered in one piece. It is supported by point foundations and the steps are filled on site.

Stringer staircase WANGA as a complete staircase

The staircase consists of two stringers made of metal and the steps which are individual choosable. The staircase is delivered pre‐assembled in one piece and is very easy to assemble. For the steps you can for example either choose between grating, wood or other stable and anti-slip materials. We offer the WANGA staircase as standard with a step width of 100 cm or 120 cm and with 6 or 12 steps. Further information can be found in our product info.

SCALA stringer staircase WANGA

The stringer staircase WANGA looks open due to the gratings but is stable to walk on.

Self‐supporting solid staircase CORTE

With the self-supporting solid staircase you can quickly and elegantly overcome different heights. The staircase is firmly bolted at the entrance and exit and/or sturdily fixed in a suitable punctual foundation. Depending on the thickness of the material, up to 6 steps in one piece are possible without support. For longer staircases it is necessary to support it with a intermediate support or support through the terrain. To prevent slipping, all steps are provided with 2‐row welded nubs as standard. Further information can be found in our product info.

2-row welding studs for more slip resistance
Welding studs
SCALA solid staircase CORTE

The staircase is firmly bolted at the entrance and exit and/or sturdily fixed in a suitable punctual foundation.

Advice for safe ascent and descent

The step size rule applies to the rise relation of stair steps. An optimal walking feeling results when the following relationship between the step depth “a” and the step height “s” applies:

Step rule
2s + a = approx. 63 cm

Important note for your planning

  • There are legal requirements for outdoor stairs concerning their anti‐slip properties. In Germany the minimum requirement is Rutschwiderstandsklasse R11 (≈ slip resistance classification R11 which corresponds with an angle of inclination between 19° and 27°) When metallic tread covers are used like for the solid, self‐supporting staircase CORTE these requirements are fulfilled by the welded nap structure.
  • In the case of fall heights over 1000 mm suitable fall protection devices like railings have to be installed according to DIN 18065. On top of this regulation other local regulations have to be checked and respected (in Germany: Landesbauordnungen (LBO))
  • Especially with self‐supporting solid staircases the first and the last step have to solidly linked to the stair. As a simple guideline: Every step has to carry more than 1 kN (about 100 kg, depending on the width of the stair) In case of doubt an explicit static proof is essential. Those who do the installation are responsible for the stability and its documentation.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

Information Material

TITEL Produktinfo SCALA Treppensysteme

Technical product info / Assembly instructions
SCALA Staircase

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TENDER TEMPLATE for metal garden objects and street furniture

Tender template
SCALA Staircase

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Assembly and maintenance instructions

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