RONDA - Planting Rings


Planting Rings and Round Raised Beds

The planting rings RONDA are suitable as round edgings for all free-standing plants. Because of its round shape the ring is perfectly stable. Raised beds are possible up to a height of more than 900 mm (3 ft). If you are looking for rectangular planters (single or combined) see our line of products under the name of TERRESTA  or  – for large scale solutions – our mobile tree planters.

RONDA Massiv ohne umlaufenden Rand

RONDA with circumferential edging

RONDA Massiv ohne umlaufenden Rand

RONDA solid

Alternative Models/Sizes

standard diameter dimension:
ø950 mm (≈ 37.40 in), ø1.900 mm (≈ 74.80 in) or ø2.400 mm (≈ 94.49 in)
standard height: 240 mm (≈ 9.49 in), 490 mm (≈ 19.29 in) or 980 mm (38.58 in).

Individual dimensions or heights are possible.
In order to keep the objects transportable, however, bigger diameter dimensions will be manufactured in several parts.


The steel edging stakes offer a solid slot for the planting ring. They can be fixed into the ground in advance or they can be pounded into the ground at the same time as the planting ring. For every planting ring we recommend 4 to 8 steel edging stakes.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are in stock