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Planting rings

Stable shape for trees and shrubs

The round has to go into the round! The large RONDA metal planting rings have been developed for free-standing plantings such as trees, larger shrubs but also for a classic raised bed planting. Due to the round shape of the metal, the planting rings are dimensionally stable and raised beds up to over 900 mm high are possible. As standard, the planting rings are made of 3 mm thick metal (Corten steel, stainless steel or colour-coated stainless steel), for higher requirements also of 5 mm thick sheet metal.

Note: We manufacture planting rings with a diameter larger than ø240 cm in 2 parts. This saves transport costs and also makes handling on the construction site much easier. Furthermore, the rings can also be placed around existing trees. Because of the manufacturing process, however, there are always certain dimensional and shape deviations at the separated point and the ring loses stability.

If angular planter trough systems are desired our planters from the TERRESTA range are ideal or for larger dimensions the MOBILE TREE TUBS from the street furniture range. More ideas from the category SOIL you can find here.

Pflanzring RONDA Massiv, verschiedene Größen
RONDA solid planting rings in various heights


Both planting ring variants are available in the standard sizes ø2,400 mm, ø1,900 mm and ø950 mm and the standard heights 980 mm, 490 mm and 240 mm. Special sizes are possible and provided on customer request.


The RONDA planting ring with all-round edge is made of 3 mm thick material. The raised bed is inherently stable thanks to a 60 mm folded edge at the top. From a diameter of ø240 cm we recommend to produce the rings in 2 parts to reduce the transport costs. In this case, the connection is similarly stable and simple as with the proven TERRESTA screw system. The production is order-related. Therefore, intermediate dimensions are possible.

Planting ring RONDA with rim. 1900x980 mm
Planting ring RONDA with rim, ø1,900 mm, height 980 mm
Planting ring RONDA with rim. 1900x490 mm
Planting ring RONDA with rim, ø1,900 mm, height 490 mm
Planting ring RONDA with rim. 1900x240 mm
Planting ring RONDA with rim, ø1,900 mm, height 240 mm

Planting ring RONDA MASSIVE

The RONDA MASSIVE metal planting ring is made of 3 – 5 mm thick material and without a surrounding edge. Also in this case, for transport reasons and to simplify handling on site we recommend that the ring be made in 2 parts when the planting ring exceed a diameter of ø240 mm.
Depending on the height and diameter, we reserve the right to weld in a reinforcing ring or ring segments approx. 50 mm wide on the inside so that the shape can be kept stable, especially at the end. This ring is not visible when filled.

Planting ring RONDA MASSIVE. 950x980 mm
Planting ring RONDA solid, ø950 mm, height 980 mm
Planting ring RONDA MASSIVE. 950x490 mm
Planting ring RONDA solid, ø950 mm, height 490 mm
Planting ring RONDA MASSIVE. 950x240 mm
Planting ring RONDA solid, ø950 mm, height 240 mm


For better anchoring, the large metal planting rings can be hammered into the ground with flat iron anchors. Corten steel anchors are best used for corten steel rings and stainless steel flat iron anchors for stainless steel planting rings. These are not visible afterwards as they disappear completely into the earth. 4 to 8 flat iron anchors with the practical receiving slot are recommended per planting ring.

Corten steel flat iron anchor, rusty
Corten steel flat iron anchor
Stainless steel flat iron anchor
Stainless steel flat iron anchor

Filling metal planting rings

The large round metal rings can be filled with normal planting soil but a layered structure as with raised beds is also possible. For further details, please contact the installing gardening and landscaping company or inform yourself on the Internet.


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A
Example metal surface: color-coated according to RAL
Color-coated Stainless Steel
according to RAL or DB
material number: 1.4301, V2A

Information Material

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Technical product info / Assembly instructions
RONDA Planting ring

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RONDA Planting ring

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