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Grave elements

Grave elements for individual memorials

Most cemetery regulations allow corten steel and stainless steel   as grave enclosures or tombstones. This is a pleasant fact, because the earthy colours of the stylish rust-red Corten steel fit well into a cemetery ambience. 

There is certainly no off-the-peg solution for tombstones. But our offer already includes a whole range of grave enclosures, tombstones, memorial plaques, crosses made of metal as well as Grave lights made of corten steel, stainless steel or colour-coated stainless steel. We have also designed larger memorial stelae, e.g. for central memorial sites, such as our CERA element.

Depending on the type of grave (normal grave or urn grave) or the size of the grave (single or family grave)  standing tombstones or lying boards are suitable. Lying tombstones may be placed by the relatives themselves. If necessary, standing gravestones must be anchored securely in the ground by a specialist company.

Be inspired by our examples and send us your ideas and sketches. We realise these metal objects for your memorial together with you, so in the end a very individual memorial object for your loved one is created.

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Overview Elements PALA, Cemetery

Overview of the grave elements from Gartenmetall

Things to know about gravesites - legal requirements

Graveyards are public spaces where bereaved families privately “lease” graves for a set period of time. The use of a gravesite is regulated in the respective cemetery regulations. Before erecting a tombstone, a permit must therefore always be submitted to the cemetery administration with details of the material and appearance of the desired tombstone as well as the intended inscription in the form of a construction drawing. We will be happy to provide you with these documents on request.

Stricter rules apply to the erection of standing tombstones or grave crosses than to lying ones, because these could fall over and injure cemetery visitors. The stability of the standing tombstones is examined annually by means of a shaking test.

Grave elements and inscription plates

MEMORIUM inscription plate as a ground pedestal
Inscription plate as a pedestal with individual grave inscription to be placed on the ground at the grave, urn grave or simply as a memorial in remembrance. Optionally with cut-out for flower vase or flower pot according to template sketch.

Inscription plate MEMORIAM

Inscription plate to screw on
Laser-cut inscription plate e.g. for tombstone, memorial cross, grave cross or urn grave. Delivery incl. 4 welding studs from behind, for fixing in the tombstone. For public memorial plates material thickness as special production up to 8 mm possible. The smallest width of the letters should at least correspond to the thickness of the material. Material: 3 mm.

Inscription plate to screw on

Advice: We also offer a pre-rusted inscription plate without lasered lettering. Brass lettering, for example, can be applied to this on site.

Memorial cross to stand on

To be placed on the ground at the grave, at the urn grave or simply as a memorial in remembrance. Addition of inscription plate easily possible. Supplied with base for setting in concrete or with base plate for screwing to the ground. Material thickness possible as special design up to 8 mm.


Grave enclosures PALA WITH EDGE and PALA MASSIVE

PALA with edge
Edging of the grave such as planting borders. Material 3 mm. Edge at top 60 mm and 20 mm to the inside. Mounting with ground spikes in the ground.

PALA with edge

PALA Massive
Edging of the grave such as planting borders. Material 3 mm. All corners and edges sanded. Mounting with ground spikes in the ground.


Grave enclosure CRUX and grave cross with inscription plate

Grave enclosure CRUX
Grave cross as a stand with holes in the base area for fastening to foundation. Order inscription plate separately.

Grave Cross CRUX

Grave cross with inscription plate as stand
Edging and structuring of the grave for planting to complement the tombstone. Can be supplemented with inscription plate.

Grave cross with inscription plate

Grave light TOMBA

High-quality grave light with weather protection glass for the protected placement of candles. Viewing window 80 mm x 150 mm. Solid and high quality finish.

The casing with glass protects the burning candle from moisture and wind and ensures an atmospheric ambience even on dark days. To insert or remove the candle, the glass is pushed upwards.

Grave light TOMBA

Memorial Stele CERA

Central memorial steles are an important part of many cemeteries and a place of mourning, especially in the area of urn graves. In all cases, individual design according to template sketch is provided.

Memorial Stele CERA


The following surfaces are available:

Example metal surface: Corten steel, also called weatherproof structural steel.
Patina Look
pre-oxidized steel
material number: 1.8965
Example metal surface: stainless steel, rotex-ground
Stainless Steel
rotex-grinded surface
material number: 1.4404 V4A
Example metal surface: color-coated according to RAL
Color-coated Stainless Steel
according to RAL or DB
material number: 1.4301, V2A

Information Material

TITEL Produktinfo PALA Grabeinassungen, Inschriften und Grableuchten

Technical product info / Assembly instructions
PALA Grave enclosures

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TENDER TEMPLATE for metal garden objects and street furniture

Tender template
PALA Grave enclosures

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