MAURESTA - Blinding

steel blinding

Wall blinding MAURESTA for lamination of L-bricks and walls

The classic method in gardening and landscaping to support different heights or to create raised beds and earth retaining walls is the installation of concrete L-stones or formwork walls. Both can be installed quickly and inexpensively in the garden or in public places, but have the disadvantage that the bare concrete wall is visible later. Those who want more charm in their open space can combine the practical with the aesthetic:

With the innovative and proven MAURESTA steel blinding system made of high-quality metal, the built walls can be covered to create the appearance of a solid wall made of Corten steel or stainless steel. Existing walls that have become unsightly over the years can also be elegantly hidden and given the appearance of a solid metal wall.

MAURESTA metal wall facing
MAURESTA steel blinding: Here, L-bricks were covered with our steel blinding.

The advantage of the MAURESTA system: The blinding wall can be installed quickly and easily by any garden and landscape builder and is much more cost-effective than earth retaining walls made of solid metal. MAURESTA is constructed in such a way that no screws are visible after assembly.

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Examples of wall cladding with MAURESTA system

Not only straight L-stone walls or wall slabs can be concealed with Corten steel or stainless steel blinding. Curves or special elements can also be made to measure. In this way, very individual walls or raised beds are created that blend harmoniously into the surroundings and also give existing gardens or parks a new look.

Closed, large plant trough, with MAURESTA system

Big closed plant trough, steel clad with MAURESTA-system

Semi-circular earth retaining wall, with MAURESTA system

Halfround retaining wall, steel clad with MAURESTA-system

Plant trough against (house) wall with MAURESTA system

Plant trough covered against (house) wall with MAURESTA system

Basic elements of the MAURESTA steel blinding

The elements for cladding existing walls are made to order according to template sketches. As standard, we have straight and corner elements in our range which are custom-made in length and height. The scope of delivery includes the C-strips, washers and screws. Fixing dowels are not included but can be ordered separately.

MAURESTA element, straight
MAURESTA element, straight
MAURESTA element, outside corner
MAURESTA outside corner 90°

Technology and details of the MAURESTA elements

The construction of the facing elements is very simple: a stable C-rail is screwed onto the L-bricks. The MAURESTA elements are hooked into the C-rail, pushed together positively and then screwed from behind.

MAURESTA earth retaining wall: Technical construction

Assembly of the MAURESTA steel blinding in just a few steps

The installation of the wall facing elements according to the MAURESTA system is simple and succeeds quickly. With few hand tools such as a drill, screwdriver and spanner, the metal panels can be mounted on the existing walls.

Assembly of the wall facing elements according to the MAURESTA system

Mount the C-rail as a flat base on the top of the wall. If necessary cut to length and screw tight with e.g. express anchors M8.

Assembly MAURESTA-Elements

Lay MAURESTA-elements on C-rail and plug-in. Then bolt the elements together from behind.

Checking the MAURESTA screw fittings and positioning

Check screw connection and positioning. Where appropriate readjust. Where appropriate the elements can be mounted at the lower end.

Advantages of MAURESTA steel blinding compared to other systems

    • MAURESTA is the inexpensive alternative to TERRA PALA earth retaining walls and TERRESTA raised beds made of solid metal.
    • Simple logistics: In the first step, the L-brackets are set as stock items by the building materials dealer. Measurement and customisation of the cladding will take place later, if necessary. even after the earthworks have been completed.
    • Easy installation with prefabricated facing elements that are precisely matched to the existing wall.
    • The static calculation of the earth retaining wall is not necessary because depending on the load case, suitable masonry panels or L-brackets are used for which a static proof is usually available.
    • As the facing is installed with a rear ventilation gap, there is no problem of waterlogging with Corten steel.
    • No screws visible from the front.

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