MAURESTA - Steel Blinding


Steel Blinding

With the help of L-stones, angle supports, angular stones, formwork block or wall disks it is easy and expensive to build walls, high beds or retaining walls. With the innovative steel blinding system MAURESTA walls can be panelled so that they look like solid walls made from corten steel or stainless steel. That system works with new walls or existing walls, even those who need to be renovated.

Beispiel einer L-Steinmauer mit MAURESTA-Verblendungselementen

Example of an L-stone wall with MAURESTA steel blinding elements.

Advantages of MAURESTA Steel Blinding

  • Cost-effective alternative to retaining walls or high beds made from solid corten steel.
  • Simple logistics: First the L-angles are set up as stock goods from the builder’s merchant. Measurement and made-to-measure production of the panels is done later, where appropriate, only when the excavation work has come to an end.
  • Simple installation with pre-produced steel blinding elements, that match the existing wall.
  • There is no need for a static calculation of the retaining wall as the always given static information is sufficient to tell which wall disks or L-angles to use in order to fulfill the requirements based on the loading condition.
  • As the steel blinding is installed with adequate ventilation distance, no problem with waterlogging can appear.
  • No screws can be seen from the front.
  • Practically infinite combination possibilities. In all cases always made-to-measure production.
MAURESTA-Element, gerade

Straight MAURESTA-element

MAURESTA-Außenecke 90°

MAURESTA-element with 90° outside corner


Examples based on MAURESTA standard steel blinding elements, used for blinding L-stones or wall disks with corten steel or stainless steel. Partly special elements, that were made-to-measure:

Geschlossener, großer Pflanztrog, mit MAURESTA-System

Big closed plant trough, steel clad with MAURESTA-system

Halbrunde Erdstützwand, mit MAURESTA-System

Halfround retaining wall, steel clad with MAURESTA-system

Pflanztrog gegen (Haus-) Wand mit MAURESTA-System

Plant trough against wall, steel clad with MAURESTA-system

Technical Details

The structure of the blinding elements is very simple. A solid C-rail is mounted on L-stones. The MAURESTA elements are hung up, plugged in in a positive-locking way and then bolt together.

Mauresta Technisches Detail: Verschraubung der Elemente

Technical Detail: screw connection of elements, not visible from the front

Mauresta Technisches Detail: Verschraubung der Elemente

MAURESTA steel blinding, view from above. The positive locking plug-in connection can be seen clearly

MAURESTA Mauerverblendung, Ansicht von oben


The installation of the steel blinding elements with the MAURESTA-system ist easy:

Montage der Mauer-Verblendungselemente nach dem MAURESTA-System

Install C-rail as even rails on the top of the wall. Where appropriate cut to length and bolt together e.g. with Express anchor M8.

Montage MAURESTA-Elemente

Lay MAURESTA-elements on C-rail and plug-in. Then bolt the elements together from behind.

Prüfung der Mauresta Verschraubungen und Positionierung

Check screw connection and positioning. Where appropriate readjust. Where appropriate the elements can be mounted at the lower end.

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