ECO-LINER - Steel Edging


Steel Edging Bands

The Gartenmetall® bands ECO-LINER are a simple and inexpensive variant for landscape management as well as for construction above and below ground. They are found in the context of public spaces as well as in the context of highstanding private garden design.

Compared to the system EASY‐LINER the system ECO‐LINERN has hardly got any variants. The pre-cut flat material is delivered ex stock. On site it is adjusted to the size you need, only using a cut-off wheel or a metal saw.

ECO-LINER mit den genialen Flacheisenankern zum Einstecken

ECO-LINER with the ingenious plug-in steel edging stakes


In favour of a lower price and the fact that the products can be delivered ex stock there is not much choice about the size and materials available.
For the standard length of 200 cm (≈6,56 ft), however, many heights and grades of thickness are available ex stock (offer non-binding).

With a sheet thickness of 3 mm (≈ 0.12 in) radii > 3.0 m (≈ 9.8 ft) can be manually bended on site, with a sheet thickness of 2 mm (≈0.08 in) even radii of > 1.0 m (≈3.3 ft)!
For technical reasons – Please note: When the sheet thickness is 2 mm (≈0.08 in) the length of the liners is 1,920 mm (≈ 6.30 ft) instead of 2,000 mm (≈ 6.56 ft).

Instruction for Installation

The handling and installation of ECO-LINER is easy:

Lieferung Basismodul und Flacheisenanker zum Stecken ab Lager

1) Delivery ex stock: Basic module and plug-in steel edging stakes


3) cutting edges with hot-dip galvanized variation (zinc spray varnish))


2) On site it can be adjusted to the size you need. Edges can be pounded

Montageunterstützung durch Flacheisenanker oder Punktfundamente

4) Steel edging stakes and punctual foundation as installation assistance

Plug-in Steel Edging Stakes: The Original

Our plug-in steel edging stakes are made of high quality corten steel, accurately beveled and produced with prestress for the blocking linkage with the Liners.

They can be used universally and have come to be the most popular variant in combination with straight liners. The advantages of the edging stakes are above all that this kind of installation can be done so easily that there is no more need for a precise pre-planning. When driving to the construction site you only need a box of edging stakes, a stack of liners and a parting-off grinder.

Wegbegrenzung erbindung von zwei Basismodulen mit zwei Flacheisenankern zum Stecken

Connection between two basic modules with two plug-in steel edging stakes


Connection between two basic modules with one plug-in steel edging stakes

Difference between ECO-LINER and EASY-LINER

If your decision criteria are price and delivery time, you should choose the system ECO‐LINER.

The pre-cut flat material can be delivered ex stock – made from normal construction steel, corten steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. On site it can be adjusted to the size you need, only using a cut-off wheel or a metal saw.

For the installation use local puntual foundation or plug-in steel edging stakes.
But remember: If you need any variants, ECO-LINER will not work. In that case you have to turn to EASY-LINER.

Advantages ECO-LINER:

  • favorable price
  • easy handling
  • all-purpose
  • available from stock

Disadvantages ECO-LINER:

  • no variant production
  • only pre-selected sizes available
  • adjustment on site compulsory
  • stainless steel and color-coated steel not available

The system EASY‐LINER is available in all imaginable variants and with a vast majority of mounting options. But: As the system can / must be customized the planning effort and therefore the costs are much higher.