ECO-LINER – Steel edging bands

ECO-LINER Steel edging bands

Metal path edging bands and lawn edgings

The ECO-LINER path edging bands are a simple and low-priced variant for gardening and landscaping as well as for road construction and civil engineering. The path edging bands are used in public spaces, for example for path edging or bed edging in parks and on squares. But also in the private garden clear boundaries can be drawn quickly and easily with the bands made of Corten steel or other types of metal.

In contrast to the EASY-LINER path edging system, there are no variants with the ECO-LINERs. The prefabricated flat material is supplied from stock in lengths of 200 cm and 300 cm. On the construction site, the metal bands are simply adjusted to the appropriate length with a cutting disc or metal saw. Our flat iron anchors can be used for mounting. These are hammered into the floor and thus fix the metal band securely and stably at the desired depth.

ECO-LINER with the ingenious flat iron anchors for insertion
ECO-LINER with the flat iron anchors for insertion

Standard dimensions of the ECO-LINER path edging bands

In favour of a low price and the possibility of delivery from stock, the metal lawn edgings are limited in dimensions and materials in contrast to the EASY-LINERs. We have two standard lengths in stock, 200 cm and 300 cm, which can be cut to size on site. Note: With a sheet thickness of 2 mm, the liner length is 1,920 mm instead of 2,000 mm for technical reasons. However, there are numerous variants for heights and material thickness. The exact dimensions can be found in the product information.
Usually, the bands can be bent manually: With a sheet thickness of 3 mm, > a radius of 300 cm can be bent by hand. With a sheet thickness of 2 mm, > even a radius of 100 cm is possible!

Instruction for installation

The handling and installation of ECO-LINER path edging bands is very simple and can usually be done directly on the construction site.

ECO LINER Assembly 1
1.) Delivery ex stock: Basic module and plug-in steel edging stakes
ECO-LINER Assembly 2
2.) On site it can be adjusted to the size you need. Corners can be butted.
ECO LINER Assembly 3
3.) For hot‐dip galvanized variant: protect cut edges with zinc cover spray.
ECO LINER Assembly 4
4.) Steel edging stakes and punctual foundation as installation assistance.

Plug-in Steel Edging Stakes: The Original

Our flat iron anchors for plugging in are used to fix the straps stably in the ground. We recommend the use of one anchor per 100 cm. The anchors are made of high-quality Corten steel or stainless steel, precisely bevelled and with pretension for the liners to be clamped. There are two different forms of flat iron anchors: for straight lines and for outside corners. Attention: The flat iron anchors are protected by copyright!
The advantages of the anchors are above all that precise advance planning for the installation is no longer necessary. You drive onto the construction site with a “box” of flat iron anchors, a “stack” of liners and a cut-off machine (Flex) and just start building.

Flat iron anchor for straight lines

The flat iron anchor for straight lines offers a stable receiving slot that fixes the path delimitation tape stably. It is fixed in the ground together with the liner. Plate thickness flat iron anchor: 3 mm.

Flacheisenanker für Geraden
Flat iron anchor for straight lines

Flat iron anchor for corners

This flat iron anchor provides support at outside corners. Either two single tapes can be joined to form a corner or a folded tape can be fixed. Also here, the anchor is fixed in the ground together with the liner. Plate thickness flat iron anchor: 3 mm.

Flacheisenanker für Ecken
Flat iron anchor for corners

Installation examples ECO-Liner and flat iron anchor

There are numerous ways to fix the ECO-LINERs in the ground using flat iron anchors. The following examples give you ideas on how the assembly can be done quickly and easily in practice.

Mounting example - straight connection

    • Connection of two base modules with two flat iron anchors 40×3 mm²
    • or: Connection of two base modules with one flat iron anchor 40×3 mm².
ECO-LINER, Assembly example, Straight

Mounting example - corner connection I

    • Corner: two base modules joined, connected with corner anchor in the corner
    • or: Pre-bent corner, mounted with two flat iron anchors
ECO-LINER, Assembly example, corner

Mounting example - corner connection II and parallels

    • Corner: two base modules joined, with flat iron anchor in the corner
    • Special design on request:
      Example of parallel path edgings
ECO-LINER, Assembly example, corner


If price and delivery time are important to you, you should choose the ECO-LINER system. In contrast to the EASY-LINERS, there are hardly any variants here. Prefabricated lawn edging and path edging strips made of normal structural steel, Corten steel or hot-dip galvanised steel can be delivered immediately from stock and adjusted to length on site using a cutting disc or metal saw. Fixing in the ground is done with local point foundations and flat iron anchors for plugging.

Advantages ECO-LINER:

    • favorable price
    • easy handling
    • all-purpose
    • available from stock

Disadvantages ECO-LINER:

    • no variant production
    • only pre-selected sizes available
    • adjustment on site compulsory
    • stainless steel and color-coated steel not available

With the EASY-LINER system, in contrast to the ECO-LINER system, all conceivable variants and fastening options are available. The EASY-LINERs are custom-made with the corresponding planning effort. This makes the EASY-LINER system more expensive. More ideas from the category SOIL you can find here.

Tip: CORTENSTEEL-LINERs as a snail and slug barrier

Cortenstahl als Schneckenbarriere
Effective snail and slug barrier: snails and slugs avoid corten steel

Did you know that corten steel is an almost impossible obstacle for snails? The patina contains small amounts of copper (<1%) which stops snails and slugs from creeping and makes them turn away. This results in the ideal use of the Corten steel LINER for a vegetable garden.

Information Material

TITEL Produktinfo ECO-LINER Wegbegrenzungsbänder

Technical product info / Assembly instructions
ECO-LINER Steel edging bands

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TENDER TEMPLATE for metal garden objects and street furniture

Tender template
ECO-LINER Steel edging bands

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Montageanleitung für Gartenmetallobjekte, Kategorie ERDE

Assembly and maintenance instructions

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