ECO-FALZ-LINER – Steel edging bands

with folded top edge

Lawn edge with folded top edge

Another product from the path edging band family is our ECO-FALZ-LINER. Its special feature is the rounded edge on the top. The idea was to offer a simple and affordable option for builders. In contrast to the GARTENMETALL® system ECO-LINER, the ECO-FALZ-LINER is only available in Corten steel and in the low material thickness 1 mm or 2 mm. The folding at the top edge, which visually creates a width of 6 mm with round edges, gives the system its name. In addition, this ensures sufficient stability even with thin material, a visually well-formed edge and it reduces the risk of injury. In the fold, the connecting or retaining elements can be placed elegantly and invisibly after installation.
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ECO-FALZ-LINER, corner, unbent


The path edging band with folded top edge is available in a thickness of 1 mm and in standard lengths of 1,500 mm and 2,000 mm with a folded edge of 4 mm. With a material thickness of 2 mm, the lengths are 1,500 mm from stock and 1,920 mm due to production. The fold makes the lawn edge look like 6 mm. On the construction site, the strips can be cut to the correct length with a cutting grinder.

ECO-FALZ-LINER, Straight, Height 100 mm

ECO-FALZ-LINER straight, height 100 mm, length 1,500 mm

ECO-FALZ-LINER, straight, height 150 mm

ECO-FALZ-LINER straight, height 150 mm, length 1,500 mm

ECO-FALZ-LINER – Accessories

Normally, the path edging bands can be quickly and easily fixed in the ground. Thanks to our connectors, this can be done with little effort: simply hammer the lawn tape together with a connector into the ground to the desired depth. Alternatively, there is also a connector with angle and spike and for the corner already prefabricated corner pieces that only have to be bent by hand.

ECO-FALZ-LINER, connector for plugging in

Connector to plug in (standard)

ECO-FALZ-LINER, connector as angle

Connector for plugging as angle with flat anchor

ECO-FALZ-LINER, corner, unbent

Corner element unbent

ECO-FALZ-LINER, Ecke, gebogen

Corner element bent by hand to desired shape

ECO-FALZ-LINER – Assembly tips

It only takes a few things to anchor the LINER sturdily in the ground: a grinder (alternatively a metal saw) with which you can saw the straps to the right length, and a rubber mallet to sink the straps together with the connectors into the ground.
In individual cases, you can also knock in the lawn edges without any connectors at all. This is possible where there is no particular load.

ECO-FALZ-LINER, Straight, Height 100 mm

1. Cut to length as required with
Cut-off grinder.

2. Connection LINER.
Fastening every 1.0 m, depending on the floor.

3. bend corners by hand
or assemble LINER in corner to corner.

ECO-FALZ-LINER – Assembly examples

    • Variant 1 is intended for driving the lawn edges directly into existing terrain.
    • Variant 2 is developed for new installations. Here, the angle can be conveniently fixed on a flat surface and then the further floor construction can take place.
    • With variant 3, you can use leftover material to give the tape additional stability and therefore ensure a neat anchorage.
ECO-FALZ-LINER, installation examples

Variant 1: Mounting lawn edge
with connector to plug in

Variant 2: Mounting lawn edge
with connector as angle and spike

Variant 3: Mounting lawn edge,
connection with remnant

Important note


Due to the stabilising folding at the upper edge of the path edging band, you cannot bend the ECO-FALZ-LINER, in contrast to the ECO-LINER and EASY-LINER. So if you would like a rounding, we advise you to use a different band.

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