EASY-LINER - Steel Edging


Steel Edging Bands

In the context of garden design, landscape management and urban planning construction steel edging bands have been versatile for more than 100 years. They have been used for edgings, clear boundaries, lawn edges or earth lines. Looking at the Prussian parks around Berlin and Potsdam you can still find the traditional “Glienickerband”.

The material used is versatile: Weather-proof weathering steel or corten steel, stainless steel, color-coated stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel.
The Gartenmetall®-system EASY-LINER was developed for the requirements set up by all those who professionally work in the field of garden design, landscape management and urban planning, in the field of road building or in the field of construction above and below ground.

Wegbegrenzung EASY-LINER mit Schraubverbindung

EASY-LINER with bolted connection and welded steel edging stakes

Typical Applications for EASY-LINER

  • path construction
  • maintenance edges for lawn areas
  • terrace enclosures
  • cobblestone enclosures
  • boundaries for gravels
  • farmer gardens
  • edging bands for paths
  • stairs
  • edgings for easier mowing
  • “Glienicker” band
  • lawn edges
  • clear boundaries
  • edging for flower beds
  • tree edging
  • edging for raised beds
  • earth lines
  • planting beds or raised bed up to 350 mm (1.1 ft)*)

*) For raised beds higher than 350 mm (1.1 ft) we recommend our product line TERRESTA or our retaining walls TERRA PALA.


  • flexible in height, width and length
  • can be laid straight, round or in every user-defined angle
  • proven material includes corten steel, stainless steel, color-coated steel or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • versatile and universally applicable because of its modular system
  • high-grade processing and highest standards in laser cutting technology, made by Gartenmetall®
  • elaborated system based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of garden design, landscape management and urban planning

Differences between EASY-LINER and ECO-LINER

The system EASY‐LINER is available in all imaginable variants and with a vast majority of mounting options. But: As the system can / must be customized the planning effort and therefore the costs are much higher.

The Difference between EASY-LINER and ECO-LINER:
If your decision criteria are price and delivery time, you should choose the system ECO‐LINER.
The pre-cut flat material can be delivered ex stock – made from normal construction steel, corten steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. On site it can be adjusted to the size you need, only using a cut-off wheel or a metal saw.

For the installation use local punctual foundation or plug-in steel edging stakes.

But remember: If you need any variants, ECO-LINER will not work. In that case you have to turn to EASY-LINER.

Advantages ECO-LINER:

  • favorable price
  • easy handling
  • all-purpose
  • available from stock

Disadvantages ECO-LINER:

  • no variant production
  • only pre-selected sizes available
  • adjustment on site compulsory
  • stainless steel and color-coated steel not available


Options for Connections - Overview

Wegbrenzung Verbindungsoptionen-Easy-Liner

2) Mounting Options on the Lower Side - Overview

Wegbegrenzung Verbindungsoptionen

3) Mounting Options on the Upper Side / Options for Reinforcing - Overview

Plug-in Steel Edging Stakes: The Original

Our plug-in steel edging stakes are made of high quality corten steel, accurately beveled and produced with prestress for the blocking linkage with the Liners. The edging stakes can be fixed into the ground in advance or they can be installed together with the liners. This work can be done so easily that there is no need for precise pre-planning in the case of simple constrution projects because everything can be adapted on site.


Straight Connection: Connection between two basic modules with plug-in steel edging stakes


Straight Connection: Connection between two basic modules with plug-in steel edging stakes


Edge: two basic modules, pounded, linked in the edges with corner support


Edge: pre-bended edge, fixed with two steel edging stakes


Edge: two basic modules, pounded, linked to form edges with steel edging stakes


Customworks for Parallel Path Enclosures

Module for Farmer Gardens

The planning for your farmer garden or herb beds can be so easy:
Choose your module, determine your edge size and sheet thickness – that’s it!

For a complete farmer garden you need four edge modules and one to three rings.

Please let us know: material, sheet thickness, height, edge size, radius and diameter.

Beispiel wegbegrenzung Bauerngartenmodul

Example for a farmer garden module, supplemented by four lamps, version SPLIT.

Instruction for Installation

Montage_Easy-Liner 6

1. EASY-LINER 1/3 of its height, which have to be at least 100 mm (≈3.94 in) deep into the ground

Montage_Easy-Liner 3

4. In case something has to be adjusted on site: Using the linkage system with forked chains the counterpart can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Montage_Easy-Liner 5

2. When installing always use intermediate wooden blocks in order to protect the EASY-LINERs.

Montage_Easy-Liner 2

5. Metal is less flexible than one might think: The possibilities to manually bend and adjust metal on site is very limited!

Montage_Easy-Liner 4

3. The installation is especially easy with prefabricated elements according to site measurements. Smaller adjustments can be made on site.

Montage_Easy-Liner 1

6. For anchorage to the ground welded steel edging stakes can be recommended and - where possible - supported by punctual foundation

Tip: CORTENSTEEL-LINERs as a Snail and Slug Barrier

Did you know that corten steel is an effective snail and slug barrier? The patina contains small amounts of copper (<1%) which stops snails and slugs from creeping and makes them turn away. To ensure that snails and slugs do not undercut this barrier it has to be at least 10 cm (≈ 39.37) inside the soil. That’s why steel edgings made from corten steel are ideal for vegetable gardens.

Cortenstahl Schneckenbarriere

Effective Snail and Slug Barrier: Snails and slugs avoid corten steel