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Beautiful ideas for small and large terraces

Not only since Corona, the terrace has become an important place to stay at the house. When the weather is nice, you can relax and rest outdoors, yet sheltered. But the terrace is also the place where you can spend cozy hours together with family and friends – with coffee and cake or a glass of wine and delicious grilled food.

How to perfectly use the terrace, of course, dictates the space available: In the case of small terraces, such as terraced houses, may not fit any furniture other than a table and chairs. Then the focus should be on shapely and high-quality garden furniture. For large terraces, on the other hand, there is certainly still a place for garden loungers, storage boxes or maybe even a special garden or outdoor kitchen. Below you will find numerous tips and suggestions for designing your personal dream terrace – whether for a new installation or for beautifying the existing one.

Spring fountain AQUA CUBUS without rim

1. High quality garden furniture

Planters and raised beds for more greenery on the terrace

Quick success in transforming existing terraces into a cozy place is achieved by placing planters or raised beds on the terrace. Plant containers made of metal are particularly durable and can serve as fall protection towards the terrain due to their high dead weight. The planting can be arranged according to your wishes – seasonally changing or as permanent planting with perennials and shrubs. In the case of metal containers made of corten steel, make sure that rust does not get on the decking. The best way to do this is to place a trivet under the metal planters.

Planter TREND, conical, corten steel
Planter TREND
Planter TERRESTA with climbing frame
Raised bed TERRESTA
Storage box ALVARO with seat cover
Wave lounger FELICE with RESYSTA support

Tables, benches, couches and chests for cozy hours

Of course, you can buy garden furniture at the discount store or hardware store. But more durable and really something special on the terrace are garden tables and benches made of metal. These are more expensive, but with proper care are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Because metal as a basic material is particularly robust and fits harmoniously into any terrace situation. As seat cover for the benches you can choose between different materials like thermo-ash, RESYSTA® or KEBONY®.

To complement the garden furniture, there are matching garden chests, which can be used to store seat cushions, table lamps or small garden tools. Thanks to the overlay, which can be chosen to match the furniture, so you have even another seat.

If you like to be comfortable and with enough space, you should buy a lounger for the terrace. These are also available in high quality metal with curved support. So nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening.

Tables and benches series GARDA
Multiple spring fountain AQUA CUBUS
Multiple spring fountain AQUA CUBUS

2. Water objects for the terrace

You love the sound of running, splashing or bubbling water? Then how about a fountain on or at the edge of the terrace? Particularly suitable are fountains that give off little splash water.

This can be spring wells with a lid and closed water circuit. Cascade fountains are also a great eye-catcher on the terrace. Or how about a water wall that also serves as a view protection to the neighbor? If you decide to use water on the terrace, then you should definitely seek advice so that everything also works out with the connections and it will soon be: „Water march!“

Fountain system AQUA LINEA as corner combination
Fountain system AQUA LINEA as corner combination
Water wall AQUA TOP with fountain basin
Well inlet ASCONA stainless steel on the well trough
Fireplace TROJA SQUARE with grill ring

3. Fire objects for the terrace

If possible, then you should not do without a fire element in the design of your terrace. Because fire provides warmth and good mood on the terrace. However, in the case of permanently installed barbecue sites, it requires precise planning, because especially when operating wood fires, it is necessary to ensure sufficient distance from the building and, of course, no awning or pergola may overshadow the fire element.

Easier to maintain and safer, because without sparks, ashes, smoke and embers, are fireplaces with gas operation, for example, in round or square shape or as an open or closed cube. These make a great decorative fire with their homey flames.

Fireplace TROJA SQUARE with grill ring
Decorative fireplace NEMEA with gas fire
Fireplace TROJA ROUND with grill ring and grill grate

4. Privacy screen for the terrace

Motif walls for individual design

You can spend enjoyable time on the terrace when you are safe from gazes and too disturbing noises there. A windbreak can also be a wise investment in drafty garden spots. You can achieve all this with privacy screens, for example, made of metal. Motif walls, gladly also with individual motifs, are particularly beautiful design elements for terraces. They take up little space, ward off well-dosed glances and are set up quickly. Depending on the local conditions, the metal panels are screwed to concrete feet or fixed to existing walls.

Motif wall VISTA as elegant privacy screen
Motif wall VISTA from corten steel
Wide motif wall VISTA, motif Allium
Motiwand VISTA backed with acrylic glass

Firewood storage as a screen

Another design idea is firewood racks. These consist of a sturdy metal frame, in which dry firewood is layered. If you wish, you can additionally install windows. These provide the desired perspective.

Firewood storage LIGNA
Rahem privacy screen WANDA VARIO with bamboo
Frame privacy screen WANDA VARIO with metal slats
Frame privacy screen WANDA VARIO with metal slats

Frame privacy screen as a design element

Also, a so-called frame privacy screen creates more privacy on the terrace. Filling material is inserted into a metal frame, which is particularly well suited to the terrace and the house. This can be classic bamboo poles, but also trellises for greening, tempered glass or metal slats. No matter how you equip the privacy screen on your patio – it is both a view repellent and eye-catcher at the same time. This will bring you a big step closer to the dream of a beautifully and individually designed terrace.

5. Care of metal objects

Metal garden objects are particularly robust and designed for durability. A decision needs to be carefully considered – not only because of the price. If you did decide on one or the other object made of Corten steel, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel, then: „Congratulations!“ With proper installation and with little care, you will certainly enjoy the metal objects for a long time. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Fireplace ARGOS with gas fire

Arrow If possible, place the metal objects made of the rust-colored corten steel in a bed of grit or on a stainless steel coaster. This will help you avoid rust marks and discoloration on the adjacent tile or wood flooring.

Water bowls AQUA BOWL MODENA with three bowls
Cascade bowl fountain AQUA BOWL MODENA

Arrow For fountains, make sure the water drains completely at regular intervals, such as overnight. The alternation between wet and dry weather allows the protective barrier layer to form again and again.

Planter TERRESTA color coated stainless steel
Planter TERRESTA in rotex polished stainless steel

Arrow For all metal patio objects, you should regularly remove leaves, bird droppings and other debris. Also, regularly check the metal objects for damaged spots. In the case of color-coated objects, scratches or small quirks can be quickly and easily touched up with a varnish. For stainless steel objects, remove dirt with special cleaners. Damaged areas can be polished out with a special lotion.

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