WANDA - Framed Decorative Screen Wall

wanda vario

Framed Decorative Screen Wall

The decorative screen wall system WANDA VARIO is a modular system. The pre-fabricated elements can turn into high-quality decorative screen walls for professional garden, landscape and urban design – according to the wishes and needs of the client. The options for fillings of the screen wall are indefinite. Feel free to create your own style!

Design / Installation

The system basicly consists of three elements:

  1. Stable frame made from metal
  2. Filling (choice of / provided by the customer) or slats ex factory
  3. Fixation on the ground possible
Aufbau WANDA VARIO-Sichtschutzwand

Structure of WANDA VARIO-Decorative Screen Wall with a metallic frame and a free-choice filling

Mounting Options

Typical examples for mounting options


Filling Screen Wall-Systems

The following fillings can be delivered ex stock: bamboo, trellis or slats. If you would like other fillings like satin-finished glass, wood or natural stone, please tell us in advance so that we can prepare the corresponding boreholes for fixation. The filling is done by the customer. Example for fillings:


Longitudinal wooden filling (provided by customer)


Bamboo Blade



Screen Wall with Steel-Slats

A screen wall with slats made from steel looks very elegant. The wall stays semitransparent.
Available surfaces: patina, stainless steel or color-coated stainless steel.

Sichtschutzwand mit Stahl-Lamellen

Patina surface, frame width from 50 cm (≈ 19.69 in) to 300 cm (≈ 118.11 in), height 180 cm (≈ 70.87 in)

Sichtschutzwand mit Stahl-Lamellen

Screen Wall with Bamboo-Filling

Bamboo is a natural product, that varies in color, structure, habit and size and that reacts towards changing temperatures and humidity. The special advantage of bamboo as a grass is shown in combination with corten steel: In contrast to wood bamboo does not turn black when in touch with rusty steel. That makes it an ideal filling. For other properties concerning coloring, form, diameter dimension, tear properties and weathering as well as tips concerning care see “User Information BAMBOO”.

Rahmen aus Cortenstahl mit Füllung (Bambus)

Frame made from corten steel, width from 50 cm (≈ 19.69 in) to 300 cm (≈ 118.11 in), height 180 cm (≈ 70.87 in). Filling with bamboo.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available