VISTA - Decorative Screen Wall with Motif


Decorative Screen Wall with Motif as Privacy Protection

In the modern and timeless garden design decorative screen walls help structuring the garden and help establishing protected areas. Prying eyes, wind or disturbing noise are excluded. Design your garden using various motifs and different materials. We produce your personal motif according to your sketches. Screen walls which are processed according to the Gartenmetall®-VISTA-system can be characterized by:

  • High stability due to all-round fold (partly double), checked for stability
  • Surfaces: patina/corten steel, grinded stainless steel or color-coated steel
  • Very variable mounting options on the ground, between pillars, post and walls
  • Simple installation because of easy access to the mounting elements
  • Round edges on all sides and with a closed frame
  • Timeless design
Motivwaende Gartenmetall

Sizes/Motifs, Width 500 mm (≈ 19.69 in)

Width 500 mm (≈ 19.69 in), height 1,800 mm (≈ 70.89 in)
Decorative Screen Wall with motif, without fixation

Sizes/Motifs. Width 1,000 mm (≈ 39.37 in)

Width 1,000 mm (≈ 39.37 in), height 1,800 mm (≈ 70.87 in)
Decorative Screen Wall with motif, without fixation

Sizes/Motifs, Width 2,500 mm (≈ 98.43 in)

Width 2,500 mm (≈ 98.43 in), height 1,250 mm (≈ 49.21 in)
Decorative Screen Wall with motif, without fixation

Special Motifs

Special motifs are possible with modern laser beam cutting. For the processing a dxf-file is necessary, that tells the laser cutting machine which cutting line needs to be taken.

Wappen eines Weingutes - Motivwand von Gartenmetall

Coat of Arms of a Winery, size 1,3 m x 2,0 m (≈ 4.27 ft x 6.56 ft). To ensure that the inner elements hold together, the cross pieces have to remain.

Mounting Options

Overview: Mounting options regarding statically secure mountings

Übersicht Befestigungsmöglichkeiten zur statisch sicheren Befestigung

Mountain options between pillars, wooden palisades, gabion baskets and fence posts:

Befestigungsmöglichkeiten zwischen Säulen, Holzpalisaden, Gabionenkörben und Zaunpfosten

Installation of screen walls that consist of several single elements:

VISTA Aufbau von mehreren Elementen

Example: Back Side VISTA

If you look closely you can see the all-round folds on the back side of the screen walls. The folds stabilize the wall. Only in cases of specially exposed installation situations (like the separation between two terrace houses) a second back side (technical design: “two-sided”) is necessary. In practice 95% of all screen walls are planned and installed without a second back wall.

Sichtschutzwand VISTA

Decorative Screen Wall VISTA 1000, view from behind, all-round fold.

The fold secures high stability even with wide decorative screen walls.


In addition to the different motifs and variable sizes the following options are possible:

  • Installation on both sides: wall closed from the front and from the back
  • Inside illumination
  • Masking the lasercut openings with translucent synthetic
  • Production in different material  (e.g. stainless steel) and colors (e.g. anthracite)
Motivwand VISTA mit GaLaBau Logo

VISTA with GaLaBau-Logo, logo and lettering underlayed with green acrylic glass


Back wall VISTA, with integrated LED-illumination rails on either side and a semitransparent back wall, bolted from behind with welding studs.

Motivwand VISTA mit rückseitiger Beleuchtung über seitlich integrierte LED-Schienen

VISTA backlit by integrated LED-illumination rails

Motifs made from Stainless Steel

A special optical effect is possible, if the motifs or company logos are cut out, then oxidized or powder-coated and finally re-adjusted sticking out of the original screen protection wall. The installation is done using welding studs that are not visible from the front but ensure a reliable mechanical connection.

Motivwand Bieberle

Important Note:

Often we are asked if the lasercut parts in a corten steel wall can be underlayed with stainless steel. That is relatively easy, cost-effective and looks good – but only until the corten steel marks off and the stainless steel starts oxidizing. There is no way to avoid this process. Cleaning is no solution as it is difficult to reach the underlaying parts.

Motivwand nach einiger Zeit bekommt einen "antiken" Touch

If the patina is attached from the back the underlaying motif gets an ancient touch after some time.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available