LIGNA - Wooden Decorative Screen Wall


Decorative Screen Wall with Firewood

This especially decorative and individually designable screen wall can be easily filled with firewood and thus turns into a real one of a kind.

Design with Viewing Window

Feel free to design the viewing windows as they suit you. We design the right window frames. They are stabilized by the firewood.

Aufbau der LIGNA-Rahmen mit Sichtfenstern


The installation of the decorative screen walls is easy:
The welded frame is set up with the stationary borehole below (borehole/slot 4 x ø25 mm (≈ 0,98 in)) and then anchored with suitable fixing material. After that the screen wall is filled with firewood, enclosing the viewing windows.

Einbau der Sichtschutzfenster durch Einschichten des Kaminholzes

Installation of a viewing window by layering firewood


The list of possible options for the LIGNA decorative screen walls with firewood is long.
Here are some ideas and examples:

  • Canopy to better protect the wood against the wet
  • Broader, circumferential flange, e.g. 100 mm (≈ 3.94 in) instead of 50 mm (≈ 1.97 in; standard)
  • Back wall for screen protection wall
  • Surface and material: grinded stainless steel or powder-coated steel, fine structure
Sichtschutzwand Ligna umlaufende Flanschbreite

Option: circumferential flange width 100 mm (≈ 3.94 in) instead of 50 mm (≈ 1.97 in; standard)


A verification of stability is obligatory for every static element. According to DIN 1055, part 3, a wind speed of 100 km/h results in a wind power of 500 N/m². That is why a suitable foundation and a stable fixation have to be secured.

  • The decorative screen wall LIGNA has to be secured against tilting and dropping.
  • For the decorative screen wall a suitable foundation has to be chosen.
  • The firewood has to layered in such a way that everything lies stable and nothing can fall out.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available