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Decorative screen wall with firewood

Decorative screen wall with firewood

A privacy screen in particularly sensitive places such as terraces, front gardens or as a screen along roads and paths can be achieved in very different ways. Our LIGNA privacy screen elements can be used to create a particularly decorative privacy screen. The rectangular or square metal frames can be easily and quickly filled with firewood. By using square or round windows, a view through can be inserted at any point and create a real one-of-a-kind. It also means that you always have enough firewood for your fireplace.
For special applications, our LIGNA passage gates are available as rectangular portal gates or as round arched gates. You can find more ideas from the privacy screen category here.

Sichtschutzwand LIGNA mit rechteckigem Fenster
LIGNA frame with rectangular window
SichtschutzwandLIGNANDE LIGNA-Rahmen mit runden Fenstern
LIGNA frame with round windows
Sichtschutzwand LIGNA als Tor, rechteckig
LIGNA gate, rectangular
Screen wall LIGNA as gate, with arched passageway
LIGNA gate, round

LIGNA frame, rectangular

The metal frames made of Corten steel, stainless steel or colour-coated stainless steel are reinforced at the corners and bevelled approx. 40 mm all round. This gives the metal frames additional stability. Slots are provided at the bottom for secure anchoring. So the metal privacy screen can be fixed with dowels on concrete floor or with flat anchors/earth spikes in the stable ground. The frames are available as standard in two heights 1,800 mm and 2,000 mm and in widths 1,800 mm and 2,000 mm. The depth is 380 mm or 750 mm for double storage space.

LIGNA Sichtschutzwand mit Kaminholz, rechteckig
LIGNA privacy screen, height 2.0 m, width 1.0 m
LIGNA privacy screen, height 2.0 m, width 1.0 m

LIGNA windows

For the individual design of the privacy screens with firewood, we offer you four different window shapes: rectangular, square, round and heart-shaped. But we are also able to manufacture frame windows according to your specifications. The windows are stably fixed in the frame with and by the firewood and can be rearranged when refilling.

Window for privacy screen LIGNA, rectangular
LIGNA window, rectangular
Window for privacy screen LIGNA, round
LIGNA window, round
Window for privacy screen LIGNA, square
LIGNA window, square
Window for privacy screen LIGNA, heart-shaped
LIGNA window, heart-shaped
Different arrangement of windows in the privacy screen LIGNA

LIGNA privacy screen as a passage gate

For special garden and park situations, we also offer our metal privacy screen as a portal – with or without an arch. So a garden entrance for example can be designed as an eye-catcher. The fastening is also done here by means of dowels, flat iron anchors or ground spikes. The spaces in between are filled with logs. The rectangular portal door has an external height of 2.4 m high and an external width of 2.0 m. The passage height is 2.0 m and the passage width is 1.2 m. The door with arched passage measures 2.6 m (2.2 m) at the highest point. The gates offer space for a quantity of wood of approx. 0.7 m³-0.8 m³.

Sichtschutzwand LIGNA als Tor, rechteckig
LIGNA passage gate, rectangular
Screen wall LIGNA as gate, with arched passageway
LIGNA arch gate

Assembly of the privacy screens

The assembly of the LIGNA privacy screens is quick and easy: The firmly welded frame is set up with the holes (holes/slot 4 x ø25 mm) facing downwards and then anchored to the ground with suitable fixing material. The screen is then filled with firewood and the window is integrated at any point.

Einbau der Sichtschutzfenster durch Einschichten des Kaminholzes
Secure anchoring of the empty LIGNA frame on level and stable ground.
Einbau der Sichtschutzfenster durch Einschichten des Kaminholzes
Installation of the screen wall windows by layering the fireplace wood

Accessories and options for LIGNA privacy screens

For special requirements, we offer various extras so you can design your custom-fit privacy screen:

    • Canopy – for better protection of the wood from moisture
    • Wider, circumferential flange, e.g. 10 cm instead of 5 cm (standard) – for a more eye-catching look
    • Back wall – so nothing falls out at the back and there is also a view protection when emptying.
Privacy screen Ligna with thicker flange width
Circumferential flange: 10 cm instead of 5 cm as standard

Stability of the screen walls


In principle, a stability verification must be provided for each static element. According to DIN 1055, Part 3, a wind force of 500 N/m² acts on the decorative screen wall at 100 km/h. Therefore, a suitable foundation and a stable fastening on it must be provided.

    • The LIGNA decorative screen wall must be secured against tipping and falling over.
    • A suitable foundation must be provided for the decorative screen wall.
    • The wood must be stacked in such a way that it lies stably and cannot fall out.

VIDEO – Metal privacy screen walls

Metal screen walls
Our main products include high-quality and individually manufactured screen walls or theme walls: The VISTA theme walls are suitable for separating terraces or as privacy screens along paths in a space-saving design. They are available with front and back walls, with acrylic glass inserts and with or without lighting. The firewood rack LIGNA serves not only as a screen wall but also as a storage space for firewood. With individually shaped windows, for example as a rectangle or a circle, a very individual screen wall can be designed. The screen wall WANDA VARIO is made of a solid metal frame, which is filled individually: e.g. with bamboo straws or as a slatted wall. Check out our different varieties of metal screen walls for the garden.

SurfacesThe following surfaces are available:

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