Custom work

Custom work made of metal

Custom made products for special applications - individually designed and manufactured

Even the most comprehensive product range cannot cover all wishes and special requirements. On the following page you will therefore find ideas from our customers that we have realised together. The company’s own customised products, such as an insect hotel or e-charging columns are also included. We hope you find good ideas for your own special garden situation!

As a specialist for metal objects, the technical know-how from many years in the metal as well as in the gardening and landscaping industry and our modern machinery, we can implement your wishes in metal in the best possible way. Send us your ideas either in the form of a hand sketch or a drawing. Together with you, we will then create the right metal object for your location. You can find more metal ideas here: >>> PRODUCTS

Special metal elements for special requirements

Design element on golf course

Pyramide aus Cortenstahl auf Golfplatz
Pyramid made of corten steel on golf course.
GOLF ABSOLUTE, Golf course Karlsruhe, Germany

Obstacles on mini golf course

Minigolfanlage in Sinzheim mit Gebäuden aus der Region
Adventure mini golf course
CURATIO GmbH, 76135 Karlsruhe/MiGo-MiLo Minigolfbetreiber GmbH, 76547 Sinzheim, Germany

Cascade fountain in special form

Wasserwand mit breitem Wasserauslass und überlaufende Wasserbecken aus Edelstahl
Water basin made of stainless steel with cascade waterfall
Maria Mandt, planen und gestalten, 53332 Bornheim, Germany

Facing for water trough

Wassertrog aus Cortenstahl, Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn
Trough made of angle stones, clad with MAURESTA system
Heumann GmbH, 71384 Weinstadt, Germany

Earth retaining wall in special form

Rounded earth retaining wall made of Corten steel
Rounded earth retaining wall made of Corten steel
Bettina Jaugstetter, Freie Landschaftsarchitektin, 69469 Weinheim, Germany

Arched bridge with stainless steel handrail

Bogenbrücke mit Metall-Geländer in Hotelanlage
Arched bridge with stainless steel railing and Corten steel substructure in hotel complex
Geisler & Trimmel GmbH, 6230 Brixlegg, Austria

Individual memorial steles made of corten steel

Infostelenaus Cortenstahl als Gedenkstele
Steles at memorial with lasered motifs, backed with acrylic glass
Gedenkstele Konrad Vauth, Bad Cannstatt, Germany

Company board with lighting

Beleuchtete Sichtschutzwand aus Cortenstahl
Restaurant with illuminated company sign, backed with white acrylic glass
Kartoffelhaus Freiburg; Grünwart GbR, 79114 Freiburg, Germany

House entrance with Corten steel facade

Hauseingang mit Cortenstahl-Fassade
Corten steel element at house entrance portal

Facing heat pump

Verblendung Wärmepumpe mit Cortenstahl
Optical cladding of a heat pump with Corten steel sheeting

Insect hotel with bee plants

Insektenhotel aus Cortenstahl
Wall with roof and planters made of Corten steel as insect wall
Stefan Büschken, LGS Kamp-Lintfort

Insect hotel to fill

Insektenhotel aus Cortenstahl
Insect hotel for individual filling with wood, straw, cones...
HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany

Electric charging pole made of corten steel

Elektroladesäule  aus Cortenstahl für E-Autos
E-charging point as electric charging station made of Corten steel, with base plate for screwing on

Metal design elements in roundabouts

Gestaltungselemente aus Metall in Kreisverkehr
Geometric figures as design elements in roundabouts
Maria Mandt, planen und gestalten, 53332 Bornheim, Germany

Dog pool

Hundeschwimmbecken aus Cortenstahl
Dog swimming pool made of Corten steel, diameter 2,000 mm with overflow

Insect hotel with compartments and roof

Insektenhotel aus Cortenstahl
Insect hotel for individual filling with wood, straw, cones...

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