Schnellberostung mit SUPER-ROST-Pad

Cleaner and care

for metal objects

Care for high quality metal garden objects and street furniture

Every material needs a certain amount of care – even if it is only the removal of coarse dirt such as bird droppings or plant residues.

For our garden objects and street furniture we have metal cleaning products in our offer, with which you can clean, maintain, protect and remove even stubborn dirt from your metal objects. While rust deposits are normal on corten steel, rust stains must be removed from time to time on stainless steel. For this purpose, we offer, for example, an agent against rust stains on stainless steel, as well as a gentle metal cleaner for the noble surfaces.

ROST-PROTECT® - Rust protection

ROST-PROTECT® is an air-drying, colorless natural oil with a high solids content, which is applied to the finished layer of rust and seals it. ROST-PROTECT® binds the free rust particles and thus prevents unwanted rust deposits. It also deepens the color intensity like a clear coat. You can find more information here:

ROST-PROTECT® - natural oil for binding rust particles


As a rule, our customers want the delivered garden objects made of corten steel to be already visually pre-rusted. For this purpose, we have developed a special russeting process with which basic russeting takes place within 24 hours. Re-rusting can also be useful if scratches or discolorations have been removed and the surface has been sanded for this purpose. For more details on grating using SUPER ROST pad, click here:


Even though stainless steel does not actually rust, rust spots can form here too from time to time. To prevent the rust from eating its way into the depths, these corrosion spots must be removed immediately. The STAINLESS STEEL LOTION from Gartenmetall® was specially developed to remove rust spots on stainless steel. The agent cleans the surface, visually brightens it and additionally seals it. Attention: The agent is not suitable for normal cleaning!
Further information on the application of STAINLESS STEEL LOTION can be found here:



Our mild STAINLESS STEEL CARE has been developed for the regular cleaning of high-quality stainless steel surfaces. The milky, alkaline cleaner can be used to gently remove greasy and organic soils without scratching the surface. The metal cleaning agent is applied with a damp cloth or sponge and rinsed off again.
For more information, click here:

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