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Heatable hot tub for bathing fun

With the AQUA LUND Hot Tub, the garden becomes a small wellness oasis – fun and relaxation are guaranteed! Unlike the familiar wooden and plastic hot tubs, AQUA LUND is made of metal. This gives it a particularly high level of stability and guarantees a long service life. The seat and side surfaces inside the tub are covered with a high-quality black coating, which ensures a pleasant feel and high seating comfort. The top edge of the hot tub is edged with a curved RESYSTA® strip in a colour- and water-stable wood look. This enables both comfortable access and the placing of drinks and glasses on the rim.

Gartenmetall® manufactures all its own hot tubs, so numerous variants are possible. As standard, AQUA LUND is available in the classic version with an integrated wood stove and a 240° bench seat. Also as a pure plunge pool, e.g. after a sauna, or as a pool with an integrated all-round bench, the hot tub cuts a great figure outdoors. In both cases, an external heating system can be connected on site. So nothing stands in the way of unadulterated bathing pleasure in your own garden!

Further water objects such as water and cascade fountains or basins for standing and flowing water can be found in the categoryWATER OBJECTS.

AQUA LUND Hot Tub with underwater wood stove
AQUA LUND Hot Tub with underwater wood stove

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Bathing fun in the Hot Tub

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Technology and structure

AQUA LUND Hot Tub with wood stove

The high-quality and stable metal hot tub is available in two sizes: with an inner diameter of ø1,690 mm, 1,150 l of water fit into the barrel at 80 % filling. It is suitable for 2 to 3 people. The larger version with an inner diameter of ø1,860 mm has a water capacity of 1,500 l and room for 2 to 5 people.

The barrel has an overall height of 950 mm, the seat height is 350 mm. There is a 240° bench inside. The seat cushion and side walls are lined with a black, pleasant-to-the-touch interior coating.

A universal connection as a cable feed-through for e.g. lighting or circulating pump for optimum heat distribution or as a water drain and a side drain with 1″ IT in the floor area are prepared. A floor-level drain for draining residual water is available on request, as is a blue interior coating.

Technology Hot Tub AQUA LUND with bench

Underwater wood stove

for AQUA LUND Hot Tub classic

The traditional underwater wood stove is made of stainless steel and is fired from above. It is separated from the seat area by two curved slats to protect against burns. Depending on the ambient temperature, it takes 2 to 4 hours to heat up the pool.

Stainless steel underwater wood stove for Hot Tub AQUA LUND
Underwater wood stove for AQUA LUND Hot Tub
AQUA LUND Hot Tub made of Corten steel with black interior coating
AQUA LUND Hot Tub as a plunge pool


as a plunge pool or family bath tub

The AQUA LUND Hot Tub for use as a plunge pool or as a family hot tub does not have benches. Here, the focus is on diving fun. Also great for cooling down after a sauna session! Alternatively, there is the variant with 360° bench. In both cases, the interior is lined with black, UV-resistant and haptically pleasant plastic coating.

A stove (wood, electric or gas) must be connected on site for heating. Connections for it are available. A floor-level drain for draining residual water is available on request, as is a blue interior coating.

Accessories for AQUA LUND

Cover sheet

To protect the hot tub from leaves, insects and small animals, it is advisable to cover it with a round sheet when it is not in use or even during the winter. The robust plastic sheet is fastened with elastic tensioning straps. This also works with the wood stove variant. However, the clip-on chimney must be removed before covering and can be stored in the barrel.

Cover sheet for AQUA LUND Hot Tub
Cover sheet for AQUA LUND Hot Tub

Stair platform

The two steps of the adjustable and rounded stair platform provide easy access to the hot tub. The curved RESYSTA® steps do not splinter and are pleasantly non-slip. The substructure is made of metal. Step 240 mm, width 600 mm, height per step 180 mm.

Stair platform for AQUA LUND Hot Tub
Stair platform for AQUA LUND Hot Tub

Cleaning and water treatment

The metal hot tub, unlike wooden hot tubs, can be left dry until the next use. A cover sheet is sufficient for protection. In the simplest case, the interior coating is cleaned mechanically and with pure water, if necessary with a high-pressure jet. Please use detergents sparingly so that the next bath is not a foam bath!

For water treatment, the possibilities known from swimming pool technology can be used: From simple chlorine tabs*) to professional water treatment with filter technology and disinfection, everything is possible.

*) Attention: The use of chlorine is not possible with the hot tub with integrated wood stove, as the stove is not resistant to chlorine.

Assembly or installation

The hot tub is delivered fully assembled. It is inherently stable and can therefore be placed on a prepared foundation (e.g. bed of chippings, with or without additional insulation boards) or even (partially) sunk onto the terrace.

For transport, we supply 4 pieces of transport tongs to which the hot tub can be safely attached, e.g. to a crane.

Note: There is always a drain in the bottom so that the barrel can be completely emptied without an external pump. For this, however, a waste water pipe etc. must be planned under the drain before installation.

Comparison with other wooden or plastic hot tubs

Advantages AQUA LUND Hot Tub

  • Stable and especially durable
  • Can also be left dry without leaking
  • Material is fully recyclable and has a particularly long life cycle
  • Due to the possibility of free shaping, there are hardly any limits to individual variants
  • Easy installation, as the solid metal construction is stable in transport and shape: unpack, set up, done.
  • Optics in rust, stainless steel or colour-coated – matching the other garden objects made of metal
  • Good thermal insulation function due to double-walled construction

Disadvantages AQUA LUND Hot Tub

  • Higher weight: A crane or a strong team of 4 people is needed for transport in the garden
  • No wood look available
  • Higher purchase price – but almost unlimited lifetime

Everything important at a glance.


Information material

Flyer Hot Tub

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