super rost

24h-Rust-Method for Corten Steel

Corten steel is processed with a metallic blank surface. The desired patina develops within the first 2 to 3 weeks due to weathering. The process ends only after about 1.5 to 3 years. Important for the creation of a working blocking air-layer is the alternation between humid and dry weather.

Super Rost

Accelerated Development of Patina

Often customers wish to have the patina look right from the very start. As it is mostly not possible to wait for such a long time Gartenmetall® has developed a special procedure which we call the 24h-rust-method. This method works within 24 hours and accelerates the development of a corrosion retardant blocking air-layer.


Super Rost

1. Use a degreasing cleaner to free the surface from rests of grease and dirt.

Super Rost

3. Leave it for 3 – 12 hours

Super Rost

2. Using SUPER ROST-pads rub in the surface evenly.

Super Rost - Oberfläche mit einem fettlösenden Reiniger von Fett- und Schmutzresten befreien.

4. Rinse the corten steel object thoroughly after the application

Application Film SUPER ROST-Pad

This is how to use the SUPER ROST-pad correctly.

If you are looking for the corresponding data safety data sheet, please let us know.