SUPER ROST - 24h-rust-method


24h-rust-method for corten steel

Corten steel is processed with a metallic bright surface. The first patina of rust forms under natural weather conditions after 2 to 3 weeks. The russeting process is only completed after 1.5 to 3 years. The alternation between wet and dry weather is important for the formation of the functioning barrier layer.
Often the clients want that the desired noble patina is already developed when garden objects are installed – regardless of weathering. Therefore Gartenmetall® has developed a special 24-hour process for rusting. Treating the bare surface with our SUPER-ROST pad allows the corrosion-inhibiting barrier layer to form within 24 hours. This allows us to deliver garden objects and street furniture which already have a first rust-red patina.

SUPER-ROST pad for quick formation of the patina


There are always surprises when rusting corten steel because not every surface reacts in the same way and not always the same shade is achieved. To make it work, we will show you how to give your garden object the desired surface in just a few steps. It can also be used to correct irregularities. Within 24 hours, a rust-coloured patina has formed on the previously blank surface thanks to the SUPER-ROST-PAD.

Rusting of corten steel surfaces with SUPER-ROST-Pad from Gartenmetall

Step 1: Remove grease and dirt from the surface.

Rusting of corten steel surfaces with SUPER-ROST-Pad from Gartenmetall

Step 3: Moisten generously and always wipe only in the direction of rainwater flow.

Rusting of corten steel surfaces with SUPER-ROST-Pad from Gartenmetall

Step 2: Rub in rainwater flow direction with SUPER ROST pad.

Berosten von Cortenstahl mit SUPE-ROST-Pad von Gartenmetall

Step 4: Repeat the process after a few days if necessary. Finish by wiping the surface with the rough side of a kitchen sponge in the direction of flow.

Legal Notice

Our SUPER-ROST pad is not a dangerous good in the sense of the transport regulations. The product is not subject to compulsory labelling according to EC Directives/ Hazardous Substances Regulation. The safety instructions on the packaging must be observed. You can find the safety data sheet for this product here: Safety Data Sheet SUPER ROST-Pad

VIDEO - Corten steel rusting with SUPER ROST-PAD

Corten steel rusting
With the SUPER-ROST PADs from Gartenmetall®, the creation of a visually appealing rust finish on corten steel is possible within 24 hours. Learn in the video how the 24-hour quick rusting is done best and what you have to pay attention to. It also shows how defects – such as black spots and scratches – can be easily repaired.

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