STAINLESS STEEL LOTION - against rust stains


Stainless steel cleaner for stubborn dirt

STAINLESS STEEL LOTION is a particularly strong stainless steel cleaner, specially developed and manufactured to remove corrosion stains on stainless steel. At the same time, the surface is cleaned, visually brightened and maintained with a sealant. Stainless steel lotion is not suitable for “normal” maintenance cleaning of stainless steel, as it sharpens the metallic surface.

For maintenance cleaning and care of stainless steel with lighter soiling – especially organic and greasy – the mild, milk-like STAINLESS STEEL CARE on alkaline basis is recommended. Due to the alkaline effect of the cleaner, there is no danger to the stainless steel in case of incorrect dosage.

Edelstahl-Lotion zur Entfernung von Korrosionsflecken von Edelstahl-Oberflächen
STAINLESS STEEL LOTION for the removal of corrosion stains on stainless steel surfaces

Application of stainless steel lotion

Shake the STAINLESS STEEL LOTION well before use and then apply evenly to the surfaces to be treated using a sponge or cleaning fleece. After about 5 minutes of exposure, rinse with plenty of water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. The surface should not dry out during the application time. In the case of particularly heavy soiling or corrosion stains, the process can be repeated again. Always create a sample surface in advance to prevent possible scratch marks.

Rostpartikel auf Edelstahl
Example: Corrosion stains on stainless steel – before treatment
Rostpartikel auf Edelstahl, Bild nach Reinigung
After treatment with STAINLESS STEEL LOTION

Safety information

STAINLESS STEEL LOTION is not a hazardous material in the sense of the transport regulations and does not have to be labeled according to EC directives/hazardous materials regulation. Keep away from food and beverages. The safety instructions on the packaging must be observed. The safety data sheet for this product can be found in the download area.

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