STAINLESS STEEL CARE - for maintenance cleaning

Stainless steel care

Stainless steel care for lighter dirt

Our STAINLESS STEEL CARE is a mild, alkaline stainless steel cleaner for maintenance cleaning and care of stainless steel. Alkaline cleaners are suitable for use on lighter soiling, especially organic and greasy stains. The milky, mild STAINLESS STEEL CARE removes the dirt and inhibits the build-up and deposition of incrustations. Due to the alkaline effect of the cleaner, there is practically no danger to the stainless steel in the event of incorrect dosing. Powerful and gentle cleaning takes place using natural clay as an abrasive. STAINLESS STEEL CARE is food safe and dirt and water repellent due to protective additives.

Edelstahl-Pflege von Gartenmetall
STAINLESS STEEL CARE for mild cleaning of stainless steel surfaces

The correct use of stainless steel care

Shake the STAINLESS STEEL CARE well before use and test on a small sample area first. Then apply a small amount to the surface to be cleaned. Use a damp sponge or soft cloth to polish the Rotex-ground surfaces in circles. Untreated surfaces without sanding are best cleaned in a line from top to bottom to avoid possible scratch marks and streaks. For the best result, treat the entire surface completely and finish by rinsing with water until the cleaner is completely removed.

AttentionAttention: Do not use STAINLESS STEEL CARE on anodized aluminum and hot-dip galvanized or painted surfaces!

Safety information

STAINLESS STEEL CARE is not a hazardous material in the sense of the transport regulations and does not have to be labeled according to the EC Directives/Hazardous Substances Regulation.
Please note the following safety instructions regardless:

    • Avoid repeated skin contact. Recommendation: Wear rubber gloves.
    • Do not swallow. If the product has been swallowed, contact a doctor.
    • Avoid eye contact. If the product gets into the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water and contact a doctor.
    • Wash your hands after use.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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