ROST-PROTECT - Patina Protection

Patina Protection

ROST-PROTECT® – Patina protection for silk matt surfaces

ROST-PROTECT® is an air-drying, colorless natural oil with a high solids content, which is applied to the finished layer of rust and seals it. The patina protection penetrates into the deepest pores of the open-pored patina surface and ensures a smooth, closed surface. The tasks and functions of ROST-PROTECT® are:

    • Binding of free rust particles and protection of the environment from unwanted rust deposits and rust staining on contact.
    • Fixing the ever-changing surface of the precious rust
    • Deepening of the color intensity and color effect of the surface structure as with a clear coat. An optimally sealed surface appears silk-matt.
ROST-PROTECT® – Natural oil for binding rust particles

What is special about ROST-PROTECT®?

ROST-PROTECT® is based on a natural oil with a linseed oil base and is supplemented with additives in such a way that it can penetrate particularly deeply into the rust surface. The special feature of ROST-PROTECT® is to protect the rust and stabilize it on the existing surface. With all otherwise common products, rust must be combated as a result of corrosion and removed from the surface.

The coating is final

The coating with ROST-PROTECT® is final. The product penetrates so deeply into the material and the existing rust surface that removal is practically impossible. If the agent is still to be removed, the surface would have to be completely sanded down and re-rosed.
Therefore, check exactly why and whether you want to seal the existing stainless steel surface. In case of doubt, a sample area should be created.

The natural oil is especially suitable for our outdoor kitchens made of corten steel, where the surface must be wiped regularly. For reasons of hygiene, countertops made of corten steel should always be coated with ROST-PROTECT® so the pores do not become clogged with dirt. Our tables and benches should also be coated with the natural oil to prevent rusting. This gives them a dark glossy, satin finish.

Application of ROST-PROTECT®

    • ROST-PROTECT® is applied undiluted with a brush, roller or atomizer to the grease-free, clean and dry substrate in a thin layer over the entire surface. Avoid direct sunlight.
    • Drying time: dust dry after 6 to 8 hours, completely dry after 12 to 24 hours. Additional layers can be applied as needed.
    • ROST-PROTECT® is suitable for application especially on absorbent substrates. We do not recommend the use on bare sheet metal surfaces.
    • The product is NOT suitable for use in areas constantly exposed to water (in the well interior).
    • The processing temperature should be between +5°C to +35°C.
    • Brushes and tools can be cleaned by using turpentine substitute as long as the product has not yet dried.

Care and maintenance

As in the case of oiling and maintenance of wood products, the coating must be checked regularly and if necessary, the agent must be reapplied depending on the weathering. This is the case when the surface no longer appears uniformly satin.

Legal Notice

ROST-PROTECT® is not a dangerous good in the sense of the transport regulations. The product is not subject to compulsory labelling according to EC Directives/ Hazardous Substances Regulation. The safety instructions on the packaging must be observed. The safety data sheet corresponding to this product is available for download.

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