ROST-PROTECT® - Rust Protection

Rust Protection

ROST-PROTECT® - Patina Protection

ROST-PROTECT® is an airdrying, colorless natural oil with a high proportion of solids, which is applied to the completely developed patina layer. ROST-PROTECT® seals the patina layer. The protection infiltrates into the deepest pores of the patina surface with open pores and has an effect there.
The tasks and functions of ROST-PROTECT® are:

  • Binds the free rust particles and thus protects surroundings concerning unwanted rust deposits and marking off if the object is being touched.
  • Fixes the continuously changing patina surface.
  • The color intensity and color effect of the surface structure like with clear varnish. The optimally sealed surface looks elegantly silk-matt.

What is special about ROST-PROTECT®?

ROST-PROTECT® is based on a natural oil (linseed oil) plus additives that infiltrate deeply into the patina surface. What makes ROST-PROTECT® so special? It is the fact that the rust is being protected and stabilized. With all other common products the rust is fought and meant to be pealed off.

The Coating is Final

The coating with ROST-PROTECT® is final. The product infiltrates so deeply into the material and the existing patina surface, that it is nearly impossible to remove it again.
If the chemical agent has to be removed, however, the surface has to be ground and to rust anew.
Caution: Check in advance why and whether you want to seal the existing patina surface.
In case of doubt create a sample first.


  • By using a brush, a roller or a sprayer ROST-PROTECT® is applied thinly and all-over the clean, dry and free of grease surface. Please avoid direct sun contact.
  • Drying time: after 6 to 8 hours dust-dry, after 12 to 24 hours hard-dried. Depending on what you need further layers can be applied.
  • ROST-PROTECT® is mostly suitable for the use on absorbent undergrounds. We advise against the use on blank sheet surfaces.
  • The product MUST NOT BE USED where the surface is permanently in touch with water (e.g. inside a well).
  • The processing temperature should lie between  +5°C to +35°C ( +41°F to +95°F)
  • Brushes and tools can be cleaned by using turpentine substitute as long as the product has not yet dried out.

Care and Maintenance

As with oiling of and caring for wooden products the coating has to be checked regularly. If necessary and depending on the weathering the chemical agent has to renewed. This is the case when the surface has started to stop shining evenly in silk-matt.

Legal Notice

ROST-PROTECT® is no dangerous goods in the sense of transportation regulations and not subject to labeling according to the EU guidelines / Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.
But: Please respect the safety instructions on the package!
For the corresponding data safety data sheet see Safety Data Sheet ROST-PROTECT®!