CLEANING - Rust Remover


Removing Rust Stains from Terrace Tiles

Auburn deposits, e.g. as from discharged water, can – more or less – be removed successfully with a suitable rust remover. The cleaning success is mainly determined by:

  • Basic material
  • Quality and quantity of cleaning
  • Suitability of cleaning agents

For acid-resistant floor coverings like most granites and gneiss cleaners on the basis of phosphoric acid are most likely to be successful. In case of little and light stains household remedies are ideal, like table salt in combination with ascorbic acid and water.

No acidic cleaners may be used with concrete bound floor coverings. Only cleaners on the basis of tannin have a chance of achieving a sufficiently good cleaning result. As the treated areas turn red-purple during the treatment, know-how is essential. It is important to pay attention to the professional application.
Note: As a precaution please try on a hidden part first.

We from Gartenmetall® have had very good experience with rust removers by the company Pro-Siro (